How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

style expert alison deyette
My bestie and Super Easy YouTube channel co-host, Jesse Brune and I are tackling and transforming lives one video at a time. We decided to tackle the conundrum of how to fold a fitted sheet. Sounds simple right? Well, most people don’t or can’t do it and it ends up looking bulking and messy when [...]

How To Fold a Stylish Pocket Square

 Style expert Alison Deyette shows how to fold a stylish pocket square, specifically how to do the wave fold to her bestie and co-host of Super Easy Jesse Brune.  Pocket squares elevate the look and style of your outfit, suit or sport coat. You can wear a pocket square in your suit or sport coat [...]

Fancy Napkin Fold To Impress Your Guests

super easy with jesse and alison
We like to party!  Here’s a fancy napkin fold to impress your guests at your next shindig. Why just fold a napkin in half, when with a few simple folds you can add some stylish oomph to your table decor. The fancy napkin fold is called the triple pocket and it’s super easy to do with both cloth and paper [...]

Fun Outdoor Games for Groups You’ll Want to Play

Fun Outdoor Games for Groups You’ll Want to Play
It’s still warm so get outside and take advantage of the weekend! These are fun outdoor games for groups you’ll want to play and they work in your backyard, on the beach or even at a tailgate party. Fun Outdoor Games for Groups You’ll Want to Play Wham-O Frisbee Slam from JCPenney, $30 There are no [...]

DIY Beauty Facial Mask

DIY Beauty Facial Mask
Beauty products don’t always have to be bought in a jar. You can whip up a DIY beauty facial mask with ingredients from your kitchen. That’s just what my co-host of Super Easy with Jesse and Alison tried to do in our beauty video, but it went wrong. Very funny, but wrong. Our DIY spa [...]

Stylish Ways To Roll Your Sleeves

style expert alison deyette
As a stylist, I’m always sharing styling tips and try to make them super easy. Here are super easy, stylish ways to roll your shirt sleeves for women and men. Whether it’s adding style to your outfit or looking for a way to keep your sleeves or jacket rolled up, I’ve got you covered. Stylish Ways To Roll [...]

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