Some of my besties are the girls I met in college and when I'm back in NYC I sack out on their couches (thank you Haley and Marne) because that's what we girls do for eachother - offer some space. College for me was freeing! I was on my own and while I had the responsibilites of classes, work and extra activities I embraced all of it. Sure there were boyfriends, my first love, access to bars with my fake ID, and plenty of Ramen noodles and the DRAMA of a dorm or apartment full of people your own age all away from home, but there were also some cool teachers, some quirky and talented roommates (Amy, you were my favorite) and the chance to, as corny as it sounds, "spread my wings" and enjoy.  If I ever time traveled, I'd surely spruce up my dorm room space with these essentials.

Sleep Well


By the time a college student reaches senior year they may have become smart enough to schedule no class earlier than noon. Having a comfortable bed certainly makes it worth figuring it out.

Kate Spade Bedding and Accessories from Bed, Bath and Beyond

Hit The Books


When it's time to actually start studying and typing your first paper then you'll need a place to get down to business. The desk is sleek and inexpensive and the chair is colorful enough to keep you awake. Black Hairpin Desk, $100 World Market and Pagoda Blue Evie Chair, $140 World Market

Carry All and Carry On



Everyone totes a water bottle these days so why not make it a stylish one that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. You know a college student will be drinking plenty of coffee with late night studying and probably should be drinking more water so give them a bottle that's attractive while they drink. You can buy this bottle by S'well for $35 at It's my new fave. I own two from the LOVE collection (it also comes in a solid shimmering mint color) and it's probably a smart idea for a college student to have two too. One for the dorm room and one to tote in her backpack, which by the way is now considered a huge trend.  A backpack is NOW the new trend?! When did it ever go out of trend? For college students and just about any student it's always been a must have. Perhaps we "adults" going to jobs have realized yet again how handy they are to carry work out clothes, sneakers, iPads, cameras, well, just about anything. Oh yeah, and this one is the perfect combo of slouchy and stylish to practical and versatile. And it's in black so why wouldn't you get it? Sondra Roberts Nappa Backpack is $88 and is exclusively available at because they get some cool exclusives.



Let's just face facts, many of us drink coffee. I started years after college thanks to European travel and a farmer in Costa Rica who grew his own beans. For students or someone looking for a stylish look to their morning brew there are these colorful options. Keurig 2.0 K25 Coffee Brewer, $119 at Bed, Bath and Beyond and Geometric Holland Park Porcelain Mugs, set of 2 $14 at World Market

Snack Attack


It always helps to have snacks. I'm partial to KIND snacks and particularly the Almond & Coconut and the Dark Chocolate and Sea Sealt bars. Keep one in your backapck and keep a stash on your desk and don't get mad when your roommate helps herself, in fact you should offer her a bar once in a while. Think of it as early preparation to being a good host. Erin Condren creates acrylic boxes plus just about all your stylish needs for taking notes and keeping organized.


Add hot water. Stir. Eat. It's easier than Psych 101 and faster than walking to the commissary. I'm surprised Ramen noodles don't get their own chapter in a college handbook. Now you can elevate the look of your cheap meal with a stylish bowl and chopstick set for $12 from World Market and pick up plenty of packs of Ramen for $4-6 from World Market too. I get lost in the food aisles of World Market with their retro mix of candy and European snacks and chocolate.

Get The Tech


Whether you're listening to music while studying at the library or watching Netflix in your dorm room, quality headphones are a college staple. And sometimes you just don't want to hear your roommate chat with her boyfriend and say that inevitable line at one point, "No, you hang up" and then he says it and then she says it back, etc. etc. etc. Bluetooth and Wireless headphones from Urban Ears, $99

Of course, all your devices need time to juice up. So get a multifunctional piece that gives you some light. Functional Tablet Organizer Desk Lamp, $20 from Bed, Bath and Beyond



The Best Gifts to Give for Wedded Bliss

Picture it... Your friend in a beautiful white gown, her groom looking dapper in a tuxedo, people crying and balling up tissues in their hands while vows are exchanged. Champagne flutes clink, cakes is consumed and the dance floor gets busy. You hug your newly married friends as they talk excitedly about the honeymoon. When they get back they'll eventually write a thank you note for that gift you gave them. So what will they write you?  Thanks for the pots and pans or the silly pot holders and towels they registered for? Why not give them a unique gift that they won't forget. These are the gifts that symbolize their love and marriage, they'll use to entertain guests and savor their time together.

Let Love Bloom


Kate Spade 'Pearl Place' Vase, $75  Bed, Bath and Beyond

Waterford 'Diamond' Vases, $135-250 Bed, Bath and Beyond

Ok, so a vase doesn't sound like an unique gift, but it's the additional step you take that makes it so memorable. Most people stop at the elegant vase, but go the extra step and set up bouquets to arrive a few times over the first year of marriage. Now your vase is awesome!


With names like "Wild About", "That's Hot" and "Darling" and "Devotion" you can brighten up their week by setting up bouquets to arrive at their door several times over the year. What better arrangement for the vase you bought them. $40-60, The Bouqs

Always Find Time For Eachother

Jord Wood Watches, $120-295 Wood Watches

For men, a watch may be the only piece of jewelry he wears, for women – we see them as a statement piece and add other jewelry around it. And while we may check our iPhones regularly, watches have made a strong comeback for their style and aesthetic. Sure the couple exchanged wedding rings, but you can give them an accessory that symbolizes never taking their "time" together for granted. These wood watches are not only conversation pieces, but unlike metal or other surfaces that get dinged and scratched over time, these wood watches develop a rich natural patina over time.  The company's name sounds Swedish, but they're not. They just love the Swedish way of life: progressive, creative, modern, without stepping all over the environment in the process.  JORD is a Swedish word with multiple meanings, but it stands for: earth, soil, land. The brand said it was a good fit for what they wanted to evoke in their designs and company – an appreciation for nature and natural materials. So besides the ring the couple shares, they'll know they share a watch with symbolism as well. Personally, I found it hard to choose just one as a favorite. I love the minimlist styles with a circle face in both the dark wood and the light wood and switch it up depending on my outfit.

   Remember Where It Started


Real Foil Art Prints, $96-106 Minted

Such a simple artistic gift that can hang in plain sight for years. Commemorate where the couple came from, where they live or where they got engaged or hitched. 

Keep Celebrating And Toast To Good Times


Three Nights Wine Box, $130 Uncommon Goods

Anniversary Wine Box, $130-180 Uncommon Goods

The toast-worthy moments dont; stop just because they tied the knot. Customize a box for the couple and fill it with the some of their favorite wines for future celebrations whether it be the everyday or the extraordinary.

Add A Little Mystery Into The Mix

Aphrodisia Love Potion Cocktail Kit $42, Uncommon Goods

Lovers have looked to nature for help in producing a potion that could spark a spontaneous, amorous attraction. Well, your friends already nabbed the ring so say it's about keeping love strong. Follow the simple instructions to infuse your favorite neutral spirit with rose hips, elder flowers, paradise seeds, and raw honey for a potion that's potent on its own, or as a secret ingredient in cocktails. Be sure to add in some of their favorite liquors to blend with their potions.

Grow Together


Mickey Hargitay Plants in Hollywood,

Planting a tree to celebrate a marriage is an ancient tradition that is shared by numerous cultures around the world. It's a novel twist to symbolize their newly intertwined lives.

These trees symbolize:

Olive tree - health and well-being and a symbol of peace

Orange - generosity and welcome invitation

Get Back to Basics


Vintage and Vine Slate Cheese Board, $20 Bed, Bath and Beyond

Arthur Court Designs 3-Piece Antler Marble Cheese Board, $49 Bed, Bath and Beyond

These boards are just the start of the gift. Wait until they're back from the honeymoon and settled into daily life and give them one of the cheese boards PLUS some fancy cheeses, crackers, fig jam, proscuitto and a baquette for a picnic dinner. A reminder that the simple things in life can be good.

It's my annual gift guide and this time it all about us girls. What to give us, what to get for her. Whether it's a print coat by IGGI from, a faux fur throw from the new home collection at H & M, a monogram tote from Lands' End or a customized weekend bag from Kate Spade Saturday or jewels from Marisa Haskell to Eva Mendes. Here's what I shared on KTLA this week during my style segment. So get shopping! 

This site has a myriad of choice from clothes to clutches to candles. Love the IGGI print coat and Clare V. clutches!

H & M now has home decor. Woohoo!  So shop the site for stylish home goods gifts. I'm a big fan of the faux fur throws. H & M

Fill the classic Lands' End tote with all she needs for a ski trip, spa visit, beach vacation, daughter's sleepover or even just a tote for everyday filled with their caramel candies or peppermint crunch cookies. And, of course, monogram that bag for her. Lands' End

Saturday is the best day of the week! Kate Spade knows how to share a great day in style. Kate Spade Saturday

Spin some tunes or listen in style.  Crosley turntables available at Kohls and Hayneedle.

Frends Headphones at ShopBop or in Beats by Dre in Ear Headphones at Target

Bold bling at a small price from bombshell Eva Mendes' collection with NY and Company


Students want to look cool with stylish gear for their lockers, backpacks, school supplies and their dorm rooms. Whether you want the coveted Frozen backpack for your second grader or help your middle schooler decorate their locker with a chandelier and wallpaper, I've found it. And most girls will want all the Kate Spade school supplies, including me!

As the lifestyle correspondent for KTLA (click to watch), I shared my favorite back-to-school must haves for students from elementary school to college.

For a students mini home away from home, their locker is a chance to add a little personality and stylish decor from wallpaper to a chandelier and even a rug.


Need some home storage, get a locker for home. Tall locker, $299 The Container Store

Blue Gem Chandelier (It Lights Up), $20 The Container Store


Social Spot Locker Wallpaper, $9 The Container Store

Framed Locker Mirror, $4 The Container Store

I love the fun pieces from Kate Spade from iPad covers and sleeves to pen cases and even bow USB ports and push pins.


Kate Spade New York Le Pavillion Poka Dot iPad Sleeve, $53 Shopbop

Kate Spade New York Composition iPad Folio, $85 Kate Spade


Kate Spade New York Set of 24 Bow Push Pins, $24 Kate Spade

Kate Spade New York Bow USB port, $50 Kate Spade

Skip boring manila folders and carry bold prints to organize your homework or as an adult get it for your office.


Jonathan Adler Collapsible Storage Box, $20 See Jane Work

Jonathan Adler Multi Print Pen Set, $21 Shopbop


Dot 5 Tab File Folders, $5 See Jane Work

Apple iPad Case in Pink Argyle, $40 Cellairis

Character and Critter backpacks and lunch bags from WalMart and Kohl's including favorites like Frozen and The Avengers.

Disney's Frozen Backpack, $16 Macy's

Washable Snack Pouch by LOVE, $6 The Container Store

Organize your jewelry with this little black dress hanger and add in those items that college kids usually forget like stain remover pens.


F.A.S.T. First Aid Shot Therapy

Little Black Dress Jewelry Organizer by Umbra, $20 The Container Store


Skip the tie and get dad a gift for Father's Day that keeps him in sync when traveling, makes him look cool amid a crowd, or simply cook a feast with some of his favorites foods.

Dad Grub - Frickin' Delicious

The Mantry ($75-450) is the modern man’s pantry of artisan goods like BBQ sauce from Alabama, award winning bison jerky from Montana, birch syrup hand harvested in Alaska, etc. It's a food-of-the-month club that helps you discover American artisan food and what to do with it.

Restaurant Row - Get it all in one place.


Flannery Beef and Anderson's Frozen Custard Cake


Duff's Famous Wings and Best of BBQ

Foody Direct - Get BBQ, wings, pie, ice cream, seafood and more all in one place from America's most iconic restaurants , bakeries nad artisan producers. All get rave reviews. It's like shopping "restaurant row." I love that you can order dad a feast. 

DJ Daddy - The Music Lover

For those who have an eye for vintage design, the Hinge headphones feature a simple, classic look with warm colors, stitched protein leather, subtle hardware details and comfort. These on-ear headphones are the essential travel companion for anyone who likes to listen to music on the go thanks to its foldable design. Celeb dads like David Beckham travel with their headphones. Hinge headphones, $180 Polk Audio

With an etched metal top that’s engineered to look like a record and chestnut protein leather wrapping around the speaker’s entirety, the only thing square about this speaker is its shape. In addition to its eye-pleasing aesthetics, the Camden Square is a portable Bluetooth speaker that boasts four full-range high-performance drivers and two bass radiators so the sound is balanced and full at every level. Providing users with a whopping 24 hours of music listening, unique to the speaker is that it comes with Polk’s DJ Stream IOS and Android app, which allows 4 people to build one playlist from their individual music libraries. One user is selected as the DJ Host and can select music from all four devices to create one collaborative playlist and up to 128 Guest DJ’s can view the list, vote on music and become an Active DJ when a DJ drops off or disconnects. Camden Square, $299.95 Polk Audio

The Javelin Executive Daypack will get users through the airport security lines quicker with ECBC’s FastPass® technology, which allows travelers to leave laptops and tablets within the bag by simply unzipping a front compartment and laying it completely flat on the airport security conveyer belt. Outfitted in ballistic nylon, one of the toughest and thickest materials available, it also features smaller compartments designed to hold a water bottle and neatly tuck away phones, boarding passes, hand sanitizer and other on-the-go necessities for quick and easy trips. Available in gray or black, Javelin Executive Daypack, $130 ECBC

The Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag is a thoughtfully constructed carry-on bag made from high dernier ballistic nylon, an ultra-durable, water-resistant and protective material known for its superior resistance to tearing and ripping. Designed for the modern traveler—anyone who travels with portable electronics—it’s the first carry-on luggage to feature the pioneering FastPass® System, a TSA-compliant, front zippered flap that keeps all electronic gear secured in a high-density foam compartment for a quicker and more efficient process through airport security. The bag also boasts two dedicated garment areas designed to prevent wrinkles and tears and store all items in safely and securely, comes with a 4,500 mAh portable charger to keep devices powered while on the go and features a variety of pockets, pouches and organizers, making it an all-in-one travel solution. Available in black or grey, Sparrow Wheeled Garment Bag, $400 ECBC

Great stocking stuffer gift ideas for every gal on your list from stylish finds to accessories to chic items for the home and even items that work for travel, decor and getting pretty. Small and wonderful Christmas gift ideas that will fit in a stocking hung with care.

Start a tradition of giving an ornament each year and watch a collection grow.


Carved Snowflake Ornament, $8 Anthropologie

Tree Topped Car Ornament, $7 West Elm

Small Gifts For Home & Away


Jonathan Adler Zebra Metallic Gold Dish, $30 Lilly Rain and Sphere Ice Molds Set of 2, $11 Sur La Table


Look stylish while listening to your tunes.

Frends 'Layla' Headphones Rose/White One Size, $149 Nordstrom

Fill a jar with a drink recipe or ingredients like cinnamon sticks.

Cathy's Concepts Mason Jars - Mr. & Mrs. (Set of 2), $22 Target

Love This Apron!


Eiffel Tower Bottle Opener, $18 Anthropologie

Royal Jelly Harlem Pom Pom Apron, $55 Royal Jelly Harlem

For the Jet Setter


Travel Wallet, $98 Neiman Marcus and Teas from Around the World Box Set, Loose Teas, $65 Food 52


Cool Cat Phone Case, $8.80 Forever 21

Bobbi Brown Fashion Week Exclusive Set, $80 Saks Fifth Avenue

Good Deed Gifts From TOMS


Lemlem Marine Zenna Gauze Scarf, $140 TOMS

With every scarf you purchase, you are helping Lemlem create economic opportunity and preserve artistic tradition in Ethiopia.

Denik Eye Candy Journal, $18 TOMS

Jewelry gifts that fit nicely in a stocking.


Kendra Scott 'Tessa' Stone Stud Earrings Iridescent Drusy/Gold, $65 Nordstrom

Sabine Feathered Drop Earring - Gold/Blue, $28 Piperlime


Kate Spade New York - Skinny Mini Pav Bow Studs, $48 Zappos and Gorjana Teagan Ring, $56 ShopBop

Avois the Tears & Enjoy the Scents


RSVP International - Onion Goggles, Pink Frame, $21 Green Cupboards

Archipelago Botanicals Red Amaryllis Boxed Candle Fragrance, $30 6PM


Kate Spade New York Framed Dot Scarf, $68 Kate Spade

This polka dot scarf from Kate Spade is perfect and goes with anything! For me, I wear scarves all the time...for keeping banishing the chill during winter, for a little punch to my outfit, and especially as stylish way to cover up when nursing in public.

Christina from Simply Modern Weddings Blog


USB Bracelet by Shipley & Halmos, $25 Ebay

If you're anything like me and your phone dies often, it's always good to have your charger on hand. I've struggled to find the right  cord to use to plug into my laptop since it seems like everyone's updated their phone to the new iphone 5. I find this USB bracelet to be smart and stylish. It conveniently wraps around your wrist and is there whenever you need the energy boost for your phone. Every girl-on-the-go could use this gift.
Christina from Street Swag
i.Sound 4 USB Wall Charger Pro, $18 Amazon
I recently graduated from my old basic phone into the world of smartphones and am now all too familiar with the mid-afternoon battery quitting time. To keep up with the times, I need all my gadgets to keep up with me, so this little stocking stuffer is the perfect fix. It charges my tablet, phone, and GPS all at once, in one place, so I'm not runnin' around the room searching for different outlets in a dead-battery panic.
Lauren from Endless Amusement

Your wish list and gift list may overlap when you check out these cool gifts to give and get. Gifts for a new mom to a husband who loves to show off his photography to encouraging kids creativity to blossom, I've got top picks that will be getting you plenty of compliments when the wrapping comes off.

Memory Maker starting at $25-$300

Photo art on wood - they print your cherished memories on wood allowing the natural grain of the wood to show through your photo. They print everything in-house in Southern California. They don’t just print on top of the wood, they infuse the ink directly into the wood (like tattooing) and that’s how they get the wood grain to show through while keeping the colors vibrant. Their prints are even heat and moisture resistant so you can simply wipe them clean. WoodSnap uses the highest quality Birch wood which is harvested without any deforestation consequences. For every WoodSnap ordered, they plant a redwood tree that will grow to over 150ft tall as part of their Roots for Trees program and American Forests conservation organization.

Drink Up

For Everybody:

Keurig Rivo Brewer $229.99, Available at Bloomingdale’s

 Makes hot or cold espresso, cappuccinos, lattes

For Moms with Babies:

Baby Brezza Formula Pro $150, BabyBrezza

It’s like a Keurig single-cup coffee maker for baby bottles. The Formula Pro uses worldwide patent-pending technology to measure, dispense and mix water and powdered formula to the perfect temperature and consistency.  With the push of a button, you can prepare a bottle within seconds that has no air bubbles.  The water and formula powder are stored in right in the machine, so it’s always ready for you when your baby gets hungry. The machine works with all bottle sizes and all formula brands and types.

Celeb fans include: Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Mario and Courtney Lopez, Extra correspondent A.J. Calloway, and Jimmy and Nancy Fallon.

Creative Kids


Dress Up Trunks for Kids: $99.99 from

Give the gift of imagination – lessen screen time and encourage pretend play with princess, pirate, ninja, superheroes, and occupations like Fireman and policeman.

No gift wrap required

All in Fun

Vivitar 5.1MP Digital Sports Camcorder is $99.99  Available at Kohl’s

Action camera- strap it on your bike, a helmet for sports and even in the water

Vivitar 5.1MP Digital Sports Camcorder is $99.99

At Your Fingertips or the free BOND app on iTunes

Today only 12/10 30% off with code KTLA30

Skip the lines and headaches. The newest app lets you choose a gift and add a handwritten note, written robotically with a fountain pen & sealed with wax. Gifts range from under $50 to over $600 for women, men and kids.


Knee Horsehead- you strap it onto your thigh so a kid gets to “ride” like a horse and the horsehead even neighs. $65

MoMA chair game –looks pretty as design as well $90 (like Pick Up Stix game from childhood)

Monogram It Tennis bag, $96, Yoga bag, $75

Choose from a variety of fabrics and fonts for sporty, stylish bags and more custom items. These styles come from Ame and Lulu.



The gifts you want to get this year! We've got gifts to get and gifts to give for fashionistas, accessory obsessed girlfriends, those who love to entertain and the Instagram fiends in all of us. You'll want to add these to your gift list.

Dress to Impress

This animal print party dress is THE dress to be seen in and leave jaws dropping in your wake. While this DVF black dress is the perfect dress when you host a party at home or just want to pull-off effortless style.


Zimmermann Honour Cats Eye Dress, $486.50 Shopbop

Diane von Furstenberg Beonica Jersey Dolman Dress, $285 Saks Fifth Avenue

A Gift that Skirts the Issue

Metallic or paint splatter, these skirts are not your everyday a-line.


Collection gilded paisley skirt, $158 J. Crew

Tibi Silk Gazaar Skirt, $650 Bloomingdale's

Fierce Fashionista Gifts

Whether you choose to splurge or nab a deal, both bags are stylish.


3.1 Phillip Lim Black Leather And Dark Camo 31 Hour Bag, $636 SSense

Danielle Nicole Alexa Mini Crossbody, $78 Piperlime

Steppin' Out

Whether in skinny jeans or a drop-dead gorgeous dress, these shoes kick up your look.


Acne's Pistol Pony Hair Boots, $562 Matches Fashion

ALEXANDER WANG 'Edie' pump, $330 FarFetch

Clutching It

Kind of obsessed with Clare Vivier bags right now.


Clare Vivier Leopard Flat Clutch Supreme, $195 Piperlime

Clare Vivier Black/White Foldover Clutch, $210 Piperlime

Jewelry Never Fails

Jewelry is always a good thing.


Blue Marble Links Necklace, $25 JewelIQ and Kenneth Jay Lane Jewelled Earrings, $84 ASOS



Alexis Bittar 'Miss Havisham' Crystal Encrusted Spear Pendant Necklace, $125 Nordstrom

Kendra Scott 'Megan' Oval Stone & Fringe Chain Necklace Clear Crystal/Gold, $130 Nordstrom


Crystal Venus flytrap earrings, $62 J. Crew

Alexis Bittar 'Miss Havisham - Pavo' Bracelet Gunmetal/Black, $245 Nordstrom

Cover Up Gifts

Every girl needs one: the quintessential menswear classic field coat tailored for a girl's shape is ideal for day-to-day activities to the timeless peacoat that will last in your wardrobe for years.


Downtown Field Jacket, $128 J. Crew  and Majesty Peacoat, $298 J. Crew

Entertaining Gifts

From pouring the bubbly or shaking up a cocktail to baking a batch of blueberry muffins or serving up a cup of coffee whenever you stop by. There are all kind of entertainers and for each there is the perfect gift.


Champagne Bubbles Set of 4 Glasses, $58 Anthropologie

Filomena Baking Collection, $16 Anthropologie




Threshold Cocktail Shaker - Brass Fox, $12.99 Target

Bodum Gold- EILEEN 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker, $59.95 Zappos


Colored Agate Coasters, $60 A+R and for my new favorite drink, Moscow Mule Mug, $18 Anthropologie


Chalkboard Table Runner, $46 Anthropologie

Fondant Marble Cake Stand, $128 Anthropologie

Capture That Moment

This genius lens is on all our gift wish lists! And who doesn't have a fondness for Polaroid?!

Sony QX10 or QX100 Smart Lens for your iPhone, $250 or $500, Photojojo

I am one of those crazy iPhone photo people. I don't even take my large professional camera when traveling, because I can capture moments in a flash with my iPhone, especially since it's always on me. I have been dying for this Sony lens since it came out a few months ago - perfect marriage of iPhone convenience with DSLR quality. Must Must have!!

Christina Wright from Simply Modern Weddings Blog

Polaroid 300 Instant Camera. Available in Purple, Blue and Red $69.99 Target

This holiday season I really want capture special moments with family and friends. Taking photos with my phone is great to be able to instantly share with my social networks but there's something special about watching that moment develop before your eyes and land in your hand. I was so happy to see Polaroid has made a comeback with it's instant cameras. Pour the eggnog, slip on your ugly Christmas sweater and smile! 
Christina Moffitino from StreetSwag

Dolce Vita Booties - Yazmin High Heel, $259 Bloomingdale's

I used to think the words to that classic Mariah Carey carol were "All I want for Christmas is Booooots!" That's a holiday message I can relate to! I want them all: above the knee, below the knee, lace up, zip up, and booties. These Dolce Vita booties are the splurge on my list. I love the chains and buckles, and the heel is a perfect high for comfort and style. I bet if Mariah tried these on, she'd change her tune.

Lauren from Endless Amusement



Shoes of Prey

In a city like LA everyone loves to stand out in a crowd.  With Shoes of Prey, custom design your dream pair of shoes via their innovative 3D technology. It’s super simple, with infinite choices of color and materials, heel height and silhouette. (We calculated over 192 trillion combinations). Prices range from about $150-350. Best of all, they’re fully refundable or they'll change the design to what you desire.

The Tasting Room

Special for KTLA viewers:

You get a selection of six small wines (4 red, 2 white) for $9.95 to taste and create a tasting profile. Then based on what you like, The Tasting Room will curate your first case of wine! The first case is $85, which means about $7 per bottle (awesome price!!) and then you can have them send you a case every few months after that with new choices. My husband and I tried it and love it!

Indie Film in a Box, $20

You choose a genre from romance to comedy to thrillers and more. The box comes with four films and an interactive game as well where you choose best picture, best performance, etc. Great way to choose a genre mom will love and watch with her.

Then add some organic popcorn into the mix with special flavors like rosemary, kettle corn or white truffle from Pipsnacks, 6 pack for $36

Picnic Basket for 4, Red  $199

Not your ordinary basket it's more like a cool tote. Perfect for the Hollywood Bowl this summer or movies outdoors. Comes with all the necessary accessories, but much cooler - like Mason jar drinking glasses!

Pastoral Artisan Cheese, bread and wine,

Create the picnic with these cheeses, like the Around The World collection ($59)

Bonsai Garden Growing Kit, $33

Grow your own garden with a choice of Gardenia or Redwood Forest bonsai. The gardens come in beautiful metal boxes with their own gardening shears.  Add some pretty gardening gloves, and perhaps some gardening tools and you're set!

Their plan is simple - use soap to improve the world. They say that more than 3,000 children's lives can be saved everyday with something as simple as a bar of soap and clean water. For many of us, taking a shower and lathering up each morning is routine. So why not get a little energized with the AWESOME scent plus clean, of course, with one of these soaps. A soap bought means a soap donated.

“What if a company could change the world through empowering customers to change it through simple, everyday purchases?” That's what one of the co-founders of SoapBox Soaps asked his fellow co-cofounder when coming up with the idea. Okay, he admits it wasn't that articulate, but it was a start.

In just two short years, they have donated their soap internationally to a number of countries including Ecuador, Haiti, Kenya, Thailand and Uganda. 4 Continents in total. 7 Countries. They also provide soap locally to struggling families at homeless shelters, women shelters and nursing homes here in America. Good, right!? So are you clicking on SoapBox Soaps right now to to buy?  One soap, $4.99 or two for $9.99.

I say:

I admit it, I'm a body wash fan, but the scent of these soaps is so refreshing I had to give them a try. And yes, I do like the compliments when someone standing close says, "You smell good." Usually it's my husband doling out those compliments (yes, he's amazing). These will be packed on my trip to Europe, (lemongrass & lavendar are my picks) so I'll have more room for other liquids in my carry on. And you have time to order a few to give mom for Mother's Day. I know it's not a chic and sophisticated gift, but a kid could use a little allowance to buy his mom a soap with a such a do-good message, surely mom will be touched. 

Christina says:

When it comes to cleansers, my usual go to is body wash because it leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. Unlike most bar soaps, this one doesn't leave my skin dry. The scent is light and refreshing and I love that I still feel moisturized after my shower. The company also donates one bar of soap for every bar of soap you buy, so someone else will feel so fresh and clean because of you.

Lauren says:

I love the natural feel and smell of this soap. My favorites are the cinnamon and the orange blossom scents which fill my shower with a refreshing fragrance after I use them.


Soaps are: Made in America. Gluten-free. Vegan. Packaged with 100% recycled fibers.

What's NOT in them: Parabens, Phthalates, petrochemicals, Palm Oil


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