Friday Favorites-December 14

Gifts That Give Back

We're just 11 days until Christmas and for many it's not just about getting gifts, but also a time of giving. Why not consider giving gifts to friends, family and colleagues that also give back to a variety of charities. We picked some of our favorites from wine to snacks to shoes and chocolate. Two of us chose the ONEHOPE wine. And near and dear to my heart is The Rescue Train for animals. We adopted our sweet Lucy from The Rescue Train and now we're fostering Tippi. Check out their line of message tees and hats.

Happy Holidays!

Alison's Pick

Snack Cravings

Snack and Give Back with KIND bars, $42.95

I'm already hooked on Kind bars. I keep one in my bag when I'm out all day pulling clothes for a shoot or stuck on set with out a lunch break. Chewy and nutty flavors from dark chocolate to coconut. Whether you choose Bobbi Brown's, Ariana Huffington's or Grace Potter' favorites, a portion of the snack cubes will be donated to charity. Depending on which cube you choose a donation is made to either help fund a KIND kitchen at the Broome Street Academy in NYC, a public charter high school, support the Committee to Protect Journalists or the Alzheimer's Association.

For the Rescue Dogs


Help a rescue animal with the purchase of these message t-shirts, or check out the candles, cards and hats from the organization where I volunteer, $20 & $25

Christina Moffitino's Pick

Wine Canvas Classics, $44 Toms

Toms Shoes are a great gift for anyone. When you buy a pair, another pair is donated to a country of your choice to help those who can't afford to buy shoes. The website has a great selection to chose from for men, women and children. They're stylish, comfortable and support a great cause! 

Street Swag

Lauren's Pick

Intentional Chocolate Gift Box, $55 IntentionalChocolate

Three reasons this cornucopia of chocolate makes an amazing gift; 1) EVERYONE loves chocolate. If they don't, then they shouldn't be your friend and you shouldn't be getting them presents. 2) This is Intentional Chocolate, a pure Hawaiian Vintage chocolate that donates 50% of profits to organizations that benefit humanity. 3) It's proven to increase vigor and energy by 67% and, get this, it's infused with spiritual energy by experienced meditators who trained under the Dalai Lama. Woah! Worldly stuff. Plus it's delicious and is delivered wrapped and ready to go to all your friends with a good heart.

Christina Wright's Pick

Merlot Wine Box Set, $60 ONEHOPE

One of our favorite companies we refer our couples to is ONEHOPE weddings to supply all the wines for their wedding events. This wine duo giftbox is from their parent company ONEHOPE wines and 50% of all profits from wines sold are donated to various charities. Their pricing is amazing, the wines taste delicious, and supporting the different causes is a major plus! This merlot set goes to the fight against AIDS, and it's an absolute must-have gift for anyone on your list this holiday!

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