Ladies love their technology, too, and there's nothing better than finding an app or gadget that makes life simpler while keeping it stylish at the same time.  Today's Friday Favorites is all about the technology we can't live without, that makes our lives simpler, better and more rockin'. These helpful and hot selections will show you ways to keep it all together, manage your media - and your life - and look good doing it in 2013!

Alison's Pick

Play 3 Speakers, $299 Sonos

Smaller AND sexier. Yes, I'm talking about the Sonos wireless speaker system. With this gadget package you can stream your entire music library, music services and radio stations. Control it all wirelessly, even from our phone. Put it anywhere in your house either vertical or horizontal. It's just that simple and discreet. Tuck it in a corner and get ready to blow off the roof!

Christina's Pick

Iphone Scuba Case, $85 Tat7

The beautiful warm weather means long days at the beach and lounging at the pool. And of course you've got to instagram all the fun! No need to stay taking "selfies" on the sand, instead your phone can go with you underwater. The scuba case allows you to take your phone up to 100 feet deep! It's the perfect gadget to take scuba diving, the beach or if you're staying poolside. Great way to capture all the blissful summer moments.

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Lauren's Pick

Kindle Fire HD, $200 Amazon

I call this my pocketbook computer because it's got just about everything and it's so compact! I use it for email, Facebook, Pandora, writing notes, and of course, what the Kindle was made for, books. The best part is you can download free samples of books if you're not sure which novel is your cup of tea, and all books and magazines are stored for free in the cloud. If you're admittedly not much of a bookworm, that's where the 16GB memory for movies, pictures, and loads of apps comes in. Synchronizes easily with your desk or laptop when you're traveling or on the go, and the battery life is much longer than that of an iPad or other tablets. 

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Christina Wright's Pick


PicTapGo App, $1 Itunes

If you are as iPhoneography obsessed as I am, you must download the PicTapGo app me, you will thank me later!! It makes it super easy to edit your iPhone pics and upload them to social media. Love how you can custom mix your filters, and it will even save your favorite filter mixes. And don't get me started on how many bad lighting shots PicTapGo has saved of mine already!! You will never need another photo editing app after you fall in love with this!! 

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We get used to the warm weather in Los Angeles so when temperatures dip below 35 degrees we not only shiver, we panic.  Being from NYC I still have a closet full of coats, scarves and gloves, but that doesn't mean I want to necessarily wear them. So while the temps slowly rise we share our Friday Favorites with ways to stay warm.


Alison's Pick

Kate Spade "Girl About Town" wool scarf, $148 Kate Spade

Ok, the scarf is pricey, but just seeing the layout of my hometown of NYC comforts me. It's colors are also neutral enough so I can wear this scarf with multiple items in my wardrobe. Since it's a lightweight scarf and I now live in LA, it appears to be the lifestyle to wear a scarf about 12 months a year so the cost per wear ratio makes the price of this scarf worth it.

Christina's Pick

Leather Peek-A-Boo Bow Gloves, $11 Target

With temperatures dropping to East Coast cold, my fingers and hands freeze in the morning on the way to school. Lately, I've been slipping on a pair of stylish gloves that help keep my fingers from turning blue. I love these red gloves from Target because of the super cute bow and the bold red color. Plus, they were on sale, who doesn't love a good bargain! 

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Lauren's Pick


Cat Scarf, $40 Topshop

Icy on Tuesday; blazing on Wednesday. This weather is unpredictable, but one thing's for certain during flu season: if can't stay on top of the weather, you're sure to fall under it. I like to keep a scarf on me, just in case, because it's easy to toss in my bag when it's warm, and wrap around my neck and chest when it's chilly. And with this cat scarf, I feel like I'm taking kitty snuggles where ever I go! Take that, flu season!

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Christina Wright's Pick

Mocha Rose Lip Balm, $8 Amazon

A cold weather must is keeping my lips moisturized! Otherwise they get super dry, chapped, look gross with lipstick, and yuck who wants to kiss that?! Over the years, I have become a sorta lip balm connoisseur of types and my all time favorite is mocha rose lip balm. It's made by the same people who make the cult fave rosebud salve, but I love the rich flavor/scent of this one much more. It leaves my lips moisturized, but without the shine or waxy feeling that other balms have. 

Simply Moden Weddings

Get ready to dazzle on New Year's Eve with plenty of shimmer and shine.

Alison's Pick

Halston Heritage sleeveless sequin wrap top, $425 Amazon

If a sequin dress is a little over the top for the party you're attending then keep it classy with just a top that can be paired with slim black pants and heels or a pencil skirt and colored ankle booties.

Christina Moffitino's Pick

Kitten Glitter Eye-Liner, $16 Stila

Ring in the New Year with some sparkle and shine! Make your eyes stand out for this festive occasion by lining them with a glitter eyeliner. The glitter is the perfect pop for a smoky eye. You can also trace over a cat eye or regular lined lid with the glitter for that Hollywood glam look. 

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Lauren's Pick

Mirror, Mirror Ball Dress, $48 ModCloth

Perfect for all those NYE parties you'll be hopping around before midnight. Is that the ball dropping? No! It's you making your grand entrance. You can't look away from these shiny black and silver sequins. Pair it with metallic accessories, or perhaps some bold colored heels. Best part is, if you order it today, you get an additional 30% off (discount code: SALEX2).

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Last Minute Gifts

We're just days away from Christmas and if you haven't completed your gift list, or like me, you still have a few people to share your wish list with we've picked out items you can still get in time to put under the tree or in the stocking. This year it's all about coffee table books filled with beautiful photography, flowering tea, a chance to stay connected and  

Alison's Pick




So this year my wish list includes a stack of coffee table books. And thankfully, they can all be ordered from Amazon and get under my Christmas tree just in time. Beautiful photography of fashion, places and absolutely adorable dogs!

See The World Beautiful, Anne Menke $53.55 Amazon

Decades, Cameron Silver $37.80 Amazon

Storyteller, Tim Walker $47.25 Amazon

Irreverent, Carine Roitfeld $63 Amazon

La Dolce Vita, Slim Aarons $53.55 Amazon

Underwater Dogs, Seth Casteel Amazon

Lauren's Pick

Numi Organic Flowering Gift Tea Set, $23 Amazon

In case you haven't noticed, the weather outside is frightful, but this tea is so delightful! Have any friends that are tea-lovers, coffee-haters, or just love a mug of warmth this time of year? This is the perfect gift for them. It comes with a glass teapot and 6 Numi Tea Blossoms, all packed in a nice Mahogany Bamboo chest. A great way to keep your friends warm, plus if you order on amazon by Saturday at noon (PST) you'll still get it by Christmas!

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Christina Moffitino's Pick

Chromo Iphone Battery Case, $15 Amazon

When it comes to last minute gifts, something practical and unique is the way to go. Find an item that they can use often to make their life a little easier. My last minute gifts this year revolved around technology. Since most people in my life stay practically chained to their phone, an extra battery is helpful to have on hand. This battery case is great for those go-getters and busy bees in your life. You can snag one of these savvy cases at most major retailers or Amazon. And you can get it with enough time to wrap it and put under the tree!

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As the holidays are are about to begin, my thoughts turn to the decorated windows at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC (always a winner for creativity), Christmas caroling with my family and neighbors (yes, we actually did that for several years) and reminiscing about the time my mom and I were "ladies of the court" in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC dancing along a float carrying Olympic skaters, Brian Botano and Katarina Witt. And, of course, filling my belly with plenty of pie!

Holidays On Ice by David Sedaris, $8 Amazon

David is one of my favorites and every year around the holidays I'm pulled back into re-reading this book of short stories. You could read it in an hour. If you haven't read this book or any of Sedaris' book, guaranteed you'll become a fan. If you're not a fan, then we obviously don't share the same sense of humor.  David Sedaris's beloved holiday collection is new again with six more pieces, including a never before published story. Along with such favorites as the diaries of a Macy's elf and the annals of two very competitive families, are Sedaris's tales of tardy trick-or-treaters ("Us and Them"); the difficulties of explaining the Easter Bunny to the French ("Jesus Shaves"); what to do when you've been locked out in a snowstorm ("Let It Snow"); the puzzling Christmas traditions of other nations ("Six to Eight Black Men"); what Halloween at the medical examiner's looks like ("The Monster Mash"); and a barnyard secret Santa scheme gone awry ("Cow and Turkey").


Lauren Scharf's Pick

Day Trip Darling Dress, $252 ModCloth

An adorable dress with a storybook ending! This dress, designed by Poppy London, is lined with the illustrated adventures of little girl Poppy and her playful pup Fred. The dress can be worn with the neckline shown for a vintage look, or flipped around for a v-neckline. Even cooler, each dress is shipped with a paperback book which tells the tale that's played out on the dress. What could be better than a dress that literally comes with it's own story!

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Christina Moffiitno's Pick

OPI 3 Piece Nail Polish set, $18 Amazon

I have a slight addiction with collecting nail polish and doing my own manicures. As soon as I saw these new OPI colors, I had to have them. The oxblood red is definitely what sold me. It comes as a set so you get to mix and match these great colors. The colors are so rich and perfect to wear at your next holiday party. I love that it comes as a box set so you can gift it for your Secret Santa or use them as a great stocking stuffer. 

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Christina Wright's Pick

Rockstar Pop-Color Cords, $35 Old Navy

These red corduroy skinnies from Old Navy are just what I need to make our family holiday photos "pop" this year. Plus you can't beat the price!! Typically, I am not a fan of corduroy (bad 80s flashbacks), but with the low rise and slim cut of these make corduroy cute again!

Simply Modern Weddings

This Friday Favorites shares a mix of naughty and nice. A sexy slip to wear under your clothes and accentuate your shape, a beat-the-heat spray to help keep your makeup in place, body butter for smooth skin and tiny tripod to take photos with your iPhone.

Joseline Slip from Agent Provocateur, $350

You Flirt!

This is a 10 on the sexy scale! Something as pretty as this underneath a dress will certainly give you a boost of confidence (& irresistibility), plus be a lovely surprise for your husband or boyfriend after hours. This slip streamlines your body, accentuates your curves and has a few small pink bows for girlish appeal. I'm imagining a nerdy guy right now looking at this saying, "Hubba, Hubba."

Today through Labor Day enjoy free shipping for US deliveries w/ code LABOR12


 Tiltpod mobile for iPhone available at, $15

I am obsessed with photography, especially on my iPhone! So this Tiltpod Mobile is definitely on the list to get immediately! It's a mini keychain tripod for your iPhone that tilts to capture your photos at almost every angle. This means for our upcoming trip, my husband and I can take photos that show that we are actually on vacation together.

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Mac Fix+ available at Amazon, $23.50

With this ongoing heat in LA, my face has been taking a beating from the sun. I use the MAC Fix+ to help freshen my face and restore moisture. The spray has chamomile, green tea and cucumber that is infused with vitamins and minerals, the perfect mixture for a pick-me-up for your face! You can spritz it on after you finish your make-up and for those times in the day when you need to restore that cover girl glow.

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Been a busy week with two TV segments, first for Marie Osmond and this morning creating a dorm room on KTLA. I was excited to wear one of my Friday Favorites on TV and we hope you'll find a favorite from out list and enjoy a little web shopping this weekend.

Alison's Pick

14K Gold Filled Marquise Earrings with Dangling Swarovski Crystal Jet Beads, $80

I couldn't wait to slide on this style. Long, slim and stylish, these made their first appearance on my makeover segment with Marie Osmond. You can wait to see them on me in October when the show premieres OR get yourself a pair and let them be attention-getters on your own lobes.

Lauren's Pick

Harmonica Necklace, $12

This necklace demands attention, not just from the eyes, but from the ears as well! The metallic chain and pendant goes with casual and classy outfits in perfect harmony. It's great for a music lover like me, and especially handy on those days when I just feel like singin' the blues.


Christina Moffitino's Pick

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock, $30

If you're like me and have the fear of sleeping through your alarm and being late...fear no more! The sonic boom alarm clock comes equipped with a flashing red light, LOUD alarm sound and a motion vibrator to place under your pillow. Talk about a wake n'shake! Extreme you say? Yes, but in my case I could sleep through World War 3. This is a guaranteed way to wake up (even through my snoozes) and make sure I get to work and school on time. It's perfect for you late night owl college kids with early morning classes.

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Christina Wright's Pick

Stripe Jersey Dress, Felicity&Coco $80

I am ALL about the maxi dresses. Even if this trend went away, I would still be rocking them...because you can't beat how stylishly chill they are!! My closet is seriously filled with more maxi dresses than I could count. I could always have more, and this one from Felicity & Coco is on my radar! I love the shape of it, and the coral and mocha colors will compliment my naturally tan skin perfectly!

Simply Modern Weddings

Back yet again, gals and guys! Ready to start off the weekend with some fresh finds from a swingy skirt to a coffee cup that looks as wide eyed as you hope to be with a few sips. There's even a sneaker we discovered that, while not red, white and blue, we believe the 400 meter Olympic gold medalist, Sanya Richards-Ross would deem snazzy and stylish to race in or pull on as street wear.

Alison's Pick skirts --Belted full midi skirt in bright pink, $51.09

I adore the shade of pink and this skirt is just the right length and shape to take a twirl and kick up my heels. Oh, you've seen me twist and shout? What!? You think I should be on Dancing with the Stars? Gosh, that's so sweet.  And this skirt would be perfect for swing or a rockin' with some Motown music.

Lauren's Pick

Morning mug from Generate, $29

Forget diamonds! In the morning, a nice, warm, coffee mug is a girl's best friend. Even better, here's a mug that wakes up with you! Pour in your hot coffee or tea and the mug changes from a sleepy face, to a face that's wide-eyed and ready to start the day. Just like you!! (hopefully...)


Christina's Pick

Brooks Mach 13 Spikeless Cross Country Running Sneaker, Amazon $60

Now watching the Olympics has only inspired me even more to get that gold medal worthy body. What better way than to hit the park with these light weight cheetah printed running shoes. Running may not be my favorite form of exercise but hey at least I'll look fierce doing it.


Christina's Pick

Natori Sheer Convertible Contour Tank Soft Cup Natori, $50

Alison's favorite last week got me thinking about finding a good bra. Why is a good bra such a hard thing to find? Here is my problem...! am a new mom who's breastfeeding, so it's even more difficult to get the perfect bra. My cup size went up (boo!), underwire isn't recommended because it can clog milk ducts (but I need lift & support now more than ever), and comfortable nursing bras look straight out of my grandma's brassiere drawer (great for sleeping, but umm forget about cute tops)!

Last weekend I found a perfect bra match in Natori's sheer tank soft cup bra and  the underwire is super soft & flexible, so it feels like it's not even there. The cup is soft, but gives a great shape that doesn't show the world that it's time to feed my baby (yikes!). The bra just feels great overall...kinda like I have my pre-pregnancy boobs back, and that feeling is priceless!

Skip the tie, socks or, worse, underwear and buy cool gifts for Father's Day that he really wants, will use and enjoy.


Black & Decker LDX112C 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver, $49.88

Even the full name sounds tough.



Crocs Hover lace up sneaker, $59.99

Cool vibe leather sneaker with the comfort of Crocs.


Cellairis Shell Shock G Class Protector, $39.99

You can slam a stapler on this protector and if your phone could talk, it would laugh at you.

This protector may be thin, but it's tough.

Justin Cronin's The Passage, $10.88

Last summer's must-read for the guy who has some catching up to do.

Rich in character description, awesome story telling filled with virals and apocalyptic possibilities.

Justin Cronin's The Twelve, $18.37

So after he finishes The Passage he'll be hooked and excited to get his hands on the next book in the trilogy. You'll have taken care of that by pre-ordering this one and be thanked for being the super cool chick that you are when it arrives in October. They're such good books you'll read it next.

Wahl Ion Stainless Steel All-in-one Groomer, $59.99

Just remember to tell him how nice it feels to kiss him with a smooth face.


Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Series Basic Kit, $16.09

Give him this for his next camping trip.

John Hardy cufflinks from the Dot collection, $275


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