Sometimes the best things arrive in a box. It's like a special holiday or birthday when a box arrives at your doorstep and you get to be surprised by the contents. I researched the best box subscriptions and other companies that specialize in sending you curated items from jewelry to dog treats to kids crafts to wine. I checked out an array of items and I shared them with Marie Osmond on Hallmark Channel.



Kiwi Crate

-Kids projects for ages 3-7 that celebrate kids’ natural creativity and curiosity.

-Each box comes with the instructions/inspiration and materials to create the project covering a number of developmental areas through art, science and imaginative play from gardens to dinosaurs to creating butterfly wings.

-$19.95 a month or $220 a year with one month free. Each box contains 2-3 projects each month.

Bark Box

-They curate a box based on the size of your dog.

-$18 a month—four or more carefully selected products and presents for your dog—anything from bones and treats to leashes and innovative gadgets.

-Monthly, 3 or 6 months plans available- free shipping

-Each month 10% of proceeds go to a different local animal shelter they sponsor


Tasting Room

-Lot 18 has rolled out a first of its kind wine club, called Tasting Room.

-Members taste and give feedback before they commit to a full case of wines.

-They receive 6 mini bottles (4 red, 2 white) for $9.99. Members are given instructions on how to taste via an online tool that asks basic questions about likes and dislikes.

-Once the tasting is complete a taste profile is created and the first shipment is created with a case of 12 full size bottles. Four annual case shipments per year. First shipment is $84.99 with free shipping ($7 a bottle) and after that it’s $149.99 for a case ($12.50 a bottle).

True & Co.

-True and Company has reinvented the way women buy intimates. By taking a fit-based approach to online bra retail by replacing the uncomfortable fitting room experience with an online two-minute fit quiz and risk-free home try-on.

-Take's 2-minute online quiz and create your own personal bra shop of best fitting styles. They use your current bra size as a starting point and then diagnose your true size taking into account your shape, pain points and common body image issues.

-Their algorithms then recommend and sell only the styles and the sizes that fit a woman’s specific body shape in a personal bra shop created just for each customer. 

-For your initial home try-on box, get your 5 favorite styles (you pick 3, their experts pick 2) sent to your home. 

-You then have 7 days to try on the bras. Pay only for what you keep, return the rest.

-This is not a subscription service, but you can try it as often as you like.

All bras start at approximately $45. Shipping and returns are always free.


Elizabeth and Clarke

-Why spend over $100 for that designer blouse when you can have designer-quality blouses and tees delivered to your doorstep each season for $30 or less.

-Get a box of one, two or three shirts delivered every 3 months at the beginning of a season. Three tops are just $20 each.

-Neutral colors so they match with items in your wardrobe. Quality fabrics. Fashion forward. Styles similar to Alexander Wang, Theory and James Perse.

Mynt Box

-Every month you receive 3-5 items of the top jewelry and accessories trends based upon the box you choose-Boho, Luxe or Mixe for $30 a month or just try it once for $40.

-Receive up to $100 worth of jewelry every month.

-You can also shop Mynt without joining.


Misto Box

-You can try Misto Box for just $5 with free shipping. Subscriptions cost between $12.50 to $15 a month depending on the length of the subscription. 

-Misto Box has a team of coffee experts who taste and evaluate more than 50 coffees every month from different artisan roasters across the country.  (Think local favorites.) 

-Each box contains four 1.7 - 2 ounce samplings of premium single origin coffee from four different artisan roasters. You’ll get to know each roaster and coffee intimately with included tasting notes and coffee info.

Love With Food

-Gourmet food delivered to your door for $10-12 a month depending on the plan you choose.

-Each box contains 8 or more gourmet foods.

-New flavors each month curated with a different theme.

- For every box sent, a meal is donated to feed 1 in 5 hungry children in America. In one year of business, Love With Food has donated more than 50,000 meals. They donate a meal to a hungry child via efforts with Feeding America and Share our Strength.

-Their motto is “Make Tummies Happy.”

- Love With Food frequently works with celebrities to curate the boxes, e.g. Thanksgiving 2012 box was curated by Amy Roloff of Little People Big World of TLC. Upcoming April 2013 box is curated by Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods on Travel channel.


My segment with Marie Osmond as her style expert on the show.

Banish the Bra Blues

The claim is that 70% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, but it’s not necessarily about the size as it is about the fit.  Most women want to avoid sagging and digging and find a bra with support and a great shape.

We helped two women with common bra problems and found them the right fitting bra.


Brooke has a drawer full of bras in multiple sizes from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy and then breastfeeding and she’s at a point she’s just not sure what size she wears. She was wearing a bra with no support, her breasts were drooping and sagging.

I put her into a bra that gave coverage, support and a smooth fit.

Bali One Smooth U Side Support, $36 (Available at Macy’s, Kohl’s & JCPenney)

  • Full coverage foam cups for a smooth look under clothes
  • Lace detail for added side support
  • Seamless, stay in place Comfort-U™ Design keeps back and straps in place
  • Smooth under clothes
  • Great for wearing underneath fall sweaters, clingy fabrics


Kim has been a fan of Cardio Barre and excited to see the changes in her body shape, except that she’s realized her bras don’t fit well anymore. She told me she was down to two bras she thought worked. This is one of them. She was misinformed.

Kim wanted a little lift and cleavage. We succeeded.

Barely There Invisible Look Balconette, $35 (Available at Kohl’s)

  • Smooth look under clothes
  • Updated, modern silhouette
  • Smooth, line-free look
  • Flexible frame and light lift cups
  • Light lift cups for great shape

(From left to right)

Bali Comfort Revolution with Smart Sizes, $34

Super comfortable bra that offers targeted support. This bra can be worn anywhere, anytime and I’m a fan of these styles when I take yoga and Pilates classes and under casual clothes. And they make it super simple to shop with sizes S-XL.

Wonderbra Lace Back Front Closure, $31

This bra is an attention thief.  It’s a cleavage enhancer.

Playtex Secrets Plunge Lift Underwire, $35 (Available at Kohl’s)

Playtex is a well-known brand that women have loved for support and comfort and NOW they’ve become super stylish with contemporary designs in bold colors and prints to appeal to anyone who wants a more youthful look.

Wardrobe and Shopping Tips

* Get sized once a year-since your breast size can fluctuate due to weight loss/gain, pregnancy, age/gravity, etc.

*The most common styles you’ll wear during the week are nude and black smooth style bras. It also good to have a convertible bra to wear with various outfits and if you’re small breasted a push–up style can flatter your figure.  And of course you want a few lacy, colorful options. Tip-skip white bras under white tops. Go for bras that are closest to your skin tone.

*Different bra styles and bra brands may fit differently, just like jeans, so be willing to try on a variety of styles from different retailers to find the right fit.

Keep your bras in shape:

*Clasp the back of bras together and put into a lingerie bag in the delicate or hand wash setting of a washing machine. They’re less likely to tangle.

*Do not put in them in the dryer (the heat of the dryer will break down the elasticity and shape of the bra).

*Lay flat in drawers-stacked on top of each other so they keep their shape.


Ladies, get "the girls" the best bra support

Last week I had the opportunity to meet eight fabulous women in NYC who were lacking support, and by that I mean that their breasts were drooping.  Those girls and their "girls" needed a lift.  They were among the many thousands who entered a contest - announced on ABC's The View - to be flown to NYC for three days, receive an on-camera makeover from me and star in their very own webisode that would air throughout the year as part of the PlaytexBraMakeover series. This year, I insisted that we kick it up a notch, and besides giving our ladies a well-needed lift in the boob department with new bras, I wanted to give the ladies a stylish new head-to-toe look. Let's face it, once your breasts are in the right place, your clothes will instantly fit better and look better on your body. I fell for these ladies hook, line and sinker. They came as duos - mother/daughter, sisters and best friends. In less than 72 hours we gals shared laughter and swapped plenty of stories of boobydom, boyfriends, husbands and our best gal pals.  Whether we call them girls, puppies, melons, kiddies, boobies, too big or barely there, it's true... we all have a story to share. Thank you all for sharing your breast stories with me and letting me reshape your look with some bra and girlfriend support, along with new outfits to help you proudly stand tall and at attention. And to cap off a return back to LA, I received these lovely thank you notes from two of the gals, Tuesday & Toniann. Alison, Since I have been back in Virginia all I can do is think about where I was this time last week. It was in wonderful New York City enjoying time on the set with people like yourself, and the rest of the gang who worked on the Playtex Bra Makeover! I can't tell you how it has changed me.  I wish I could've  put it in words when I was there but I froze up.  Anyway here is what I should have said when they asked me "What do you think about Alison": I think the world of Alison because she has changed my world.  It is a wonderful feeling to look down and see my breasts standing up at attention versus sagging below my belt line!  I am so happy with the way my new Playtex 18 hr bra feels.  I would have to say for a woman who is beautiful outside she is also beautiful inside. My experience in New York is one that I will forever remember and be proud of.  I just hope the pictures reflect what I was feeling - like a queen!!  Thank you Alison and if you are ever in Virginia Beach - please look me up! Have a blessed week! Tuesday Aka "Boobsday" Alison, It was so wonderful meeting you last week! Thank you so much for the fabulous time we had and all the great fashion tips you gave us! We will never forget our time in NYC with you and the wonderful people involved with our makeover! We cannot wait to see the finished project! Thanks again! Toniann


Playtex Custom Flex Fit Bandini, two for $24 I'm proud of my full size A cup perky girls. And these new bandinis from Barely There are my new go-to bras to wear under tanks and tees for Pilates and Bar Method classes. Super comfy and stay in place. You can wear the bandini multiple ways including skipping the straps and wearing as a bandeau style bra. The bra comes in multiple colors so you can match with your clothes or make it appear as an intentional layering piece. Or layer two bras on top of each other as a non-cardio sports style bra. Donna Karan: The Body Perfect Collection, $35 Every girl, no matter her size, needs a little smoothing at times under her clothes. I was introduced to DK's Body Perfect a few years ago and while I don't wear them often, it has come in handy under a Diane Von Furstenberg dress  or those silky fabrics where even a thong line would be visible. I choose smooth and nearly flawless over vpl's any day. The Nakeds by Victoria Secret's, 3 for $30 No reason your everyday underwear has to resemble granny panties. Whether wearing a pattern that growls or simply solid black these "Nakeds" by VS are smooth against your bum and nearly invisible under most clothes. I've stocked up on these and the thongs for a whole new panty drawer.
Bra Fit Issues Question: I just watched you on ABC talking about getting a great fit with your bras. I am having a difficult time finding anyone to help me. I am an older woman..74 this coming September. My husband passed away 5 1/2 years ago in a few months after his passing I lost 100pounds. My problem is bras. I was fitted not too long ago and was told I am a 36 C or B. I have size 38 and they feel snug. I just purchased three Bali bras size 38 C  and they too feel snug around my body and the cups too large with some puckering. I am going to try a 40 B. Any help would be great? Sincerely, Donna Alison: First off, each bra style can fit differently. Are you trying the same style or are you trying different bra styles? Here are some of my thoughts on styles: If you're concerned about the shape of your breasts, you should definitely try a light foam cup. A compressed foam bra will not add any size but will give you a nice even, rounded shape.
Being that you say you were fitted not that long ago (this could mean two weeks or 6 months), band comfort is very personal. What “fits” for one person may be too tight and uncomfortable for another. Also, try changing to a size different in the band OR the cup—not both at the same time. Both at the same time is a substantial change in size. Doing one at a time can help you better identify the right size. You could first try a 38B, then try the 40B. If you just purchased them and they don’t fit, hopefully you can take them back. When you go back to the store, ask for a Bali Fit Expert to help you find the right size and style. I recommend that you move around—swing your arms in all directions, walk around the bra department, take a few laps—to make sure that you are comfortable in the bra.

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