Polish or Stick On Your Nail Color

Nail polish colors and designs can quickly change your style and attitude in a matter of minutes! We share what's trending in nail polish this fall from metallic and glitter to ombre and patterned stick-ons. With names like, "Mind Your Mittens", "Toggle to the Top", "Shearing Darling", and "Nothing Else Metals" wouldn't you be inspired to change your look every week? We adore the range of rich hues and the patterns of stick-ons seems endless. So shake a few more hands so you can show off your colors.

Deep, Rich Colors


NARS fury, $19 Sephora   Deborah Lippman Rolling in the Deep, $17 Cusp   NARS Tokaido Express, $19 Sephora

Metallic and Glitter Nail Polish Colors


tenoverten Worth, $18 Sephora   essie Set in Stones, $8 Beauty   tenoverten Wall St., $18 Sephora

Classic Pink and Grey 


NARS Trouville, $19 Sephora   LAQA & CO. Fancy Pants Nail Pen, $14 Beauty   Haute Gel in Shy, $12 Cusp

Polish Strips A Plenty


Incoco Oscar Night Tips, $10 Incoco   Fairytale Ending, $8 Incoco   Behind the Scenes $8 Incoco

Gift Some Color


nails inc. Polish Diary Gift Set, $42 Sephora   Sephora 5 Color Hit Nail Set, $18 Sephora

Leather effects, foil effect, holographic top coat and even rainbow sprinkles are within the nails inc. gift set.

Colors like Sugar Coated, Resist Temptation, Cherry Popsicle come in the five polish Sephora set.

Contributors Picks:

Christina Wright


"After School Boy Blazer" Nail Polish, $8.50 Essie

"Oh My Gold" and "Love to You All" Nail sleeck sticks, $10.25 Essie

One of my favorite nail brands is Essie, they always have the hottest colors every season! This fall I am drooling over the deep rich blue of "after school boy blazer"; it's subdued enough to really make these amazing nail art pieces stand out! I can't decide which one I like more, "love to you all" or "oh my gold". They both are so fab!

Simply Modern Weddings Blog

Lauren Scharf


Ombre Glitter Nail Polish Sticks, $8.99 Incoco  and Zoya Nail Polish in Shivon, $8 Zoya

I love dual toned colors on my nails. It's almost like a whole new manicure depending on whether I'm in the sun or shade! Gold is a shade that suits me in every season, and I love that this Zoya polish has a fiery, pinkish hue. Following the fab and flaming theme, not to mention the always fashionable ombre look, I've got these nail wraps from Incoco that fade from deep black and purple to glitzy gold. It's almost like staring at the sun during an eclipse, but much easier- and less dangerous- on the eyes!

Endless Amusement

Christina Moffitino


OPI Bastille My Heart, $5 Buy Nails Direct  and Umoja Nail Wraps, $16 NCLA

When it comes to my nails, the possibilities are endless. My bi-weekly nail choices depend on my mood. When I want a look that's on the simpler side my go-to color is a deep red. I love this OPI shade because it's a rich red hue that makes it a classic pick. I'm a girl who always likes to make a statement and what better way than with some funky nails. These NCLA nail wraps are fun to mix and match with other nail polishes or just go all out and wear them on all 10 fingers. Go cray cray with your nails on Sunday night to Instagram your look for Mani Monday and give yourself something to look forward to for the beginning of your week!

Street Swag

Lauren Scharf


Endless Amusement

NO, those are not my nails! First, it takes patience to sit there while the woman at the salon applies all the stones, etc. and I start fidgeting after 10 minutes. Second, I'd probably poke someone accidentally and cause bodily harm. And third, it would appear extreme on me showing off some beauty products or gifts on TV with those nails. BUT, the gal (Mie) who has these nails at CHI Nails in Beverly Hills is delightful and sassy and she can pull off the look effortlessly.

These looks are more my speed.



And here's my first ever gel application. So far it's lasted five days and no chips. This is exciting! Next time, I'll experiment with a little design.




While I LOVE the look of polished nails, I rarely get a manicure because, quite frankly, I'm impatient with drying time and they usually chip within a day. The nail sleek sticks from Essie were super simple to attach and file to the top shape of my nail. And they lasted several days-woohoo! Plus I was able to peel them off in about two minutes while watching TV rather than spending time over the sink with polish remover and cotton balls. The collection has multiple choices of patterns and colors from words to sparkles to polka dots. Now I just need more subtle solid color choices to commit to wearing these more often. (Hear that Essie?)

Christina Moffitino, is our resident nail devotee and comes to the office with a different nail look every week.

Here's her review:

Essie nail wraps are not only cute and stylish but super convenient! They sure beat the days of waiting for your nails to dry and hoping they don't smudge. I got so many compliments from my girlfriends and they all had have their own set. I'm crazy about all the unique patterns and textures I want to try them all!

Lauren Scharf has a special place in her heart for stickers so the moment she saw the packages she exclaimed, "I'm in!"

Her review:

These nail decals stand (or stick) above the rest. I absolutely love these designs; they're a bit more eye-catching and versatile than Sally Hansen's nail appliques. The quality is much better too, since these are less likely to chip than the appliques, not to mention a regular nail polish. I'm going with the word on my nails next.

*names of our sleek stick choices are our captions.

The countdown begins! 18 days until Christmas and we're excited to get the tree and decorate the house. Tune in to our videos starting next week filled with gift suggestions, recipes, decor, entertaining and even how to create your own ugly holiday sweater because sometimes you need a break from being fancy. Enjoy!

Alison's Pick

Jay Godfrey, Adams Maxi Dress, on sale for $270 Cusp

May I pour you a drink? That's what I imagine saying to guests when they arrive at the door for the holidays while wearing this stylish, yet comfortable dress. Just needs some dangly earrings and a big cuff.

Christina Wright's Pick

Essie nail polish, $8 bottle Essie

I am kinda a nail polish fanatic, okay okay, I AM a nail polish fanatic. (There's no "kinda" about it.) I have so many shades and different brands, that I actually have researched buying some sort of modern style nail salon display case for them. Yes, it's that bad! My favorite line of polishes is from Essie. So many amazing colors, and they paint on like a dream! I hope my stocking is filled with these colors from their winter collection. You hear me Santa? I would be such a good girl...with awesome nails of course!

Lauren's Pick

The Body Shop Fragrance Oils and Burners, $16 Burner, $5 for each oil The Body Shop

Each day this week, I've had a different holiday scent flowing through my apartment; not because I've been baking cookies or putting up a fresh spruce tree, but because I've been burning these oils from The Body Shop. I like them so much better than scented candles because they last longer, the scent spreads more, and the best part- you can mix fragrances for a unique combination. My favorites around the holidays are Juniper Berry, for a sweet yet woodsy feel, and Vanilla Bliss, which has me craving sugar cookies. I also like their more fruity scents, like Exotic and Peach.
Christina Moffitino's Pick
Studded Collar Necklace, $30 Etsy
The collar necklace is definitely a trend to try! The embellished neckpieces help make any outfit standout. Wear them with your favorite knit sweater to add some style and sass. You can also channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and pair it with your favorite LBD for the "Breakfast at Tiffany" look. It's the perfect accessory to wear to any holiday and New Year party. 
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