Wrist Rave

In my mother's day it was all about getting a gleaming tennis bracelet or showing off a charm bracelet that you continually added another dangling piece from your travels. Now it's all about the well curated pile up that happens on your wrists. We picked our favorites from the slew of choices that best describes our style.

Alison's Pick


Beaded Bangle, AlexandAni $38  Liquid Gold Bangle, Alexis Bittar $145  Braided Wishbone MyntBox $18

When I'm styling clients I always teach them to mix it up meaning pair high with low end, designer with vintage, TJ Maxx finds with Neiman Marcus. This wrist pile up is just that kind of mix. I paired easily accessible bangles from Alex and Ani with one of my all time favorites jewelry designers, Alexis Bittar with a new company that just launched with super affrodable jewels, Mynt Box.

Christina Wright's Pick


                    Gold Bangle Set, JCrew $40  Tobacco Wrap $118 Greta Bean  Toe the line Bangle, $58 Kate Spade 

A bit of natural, gold, and turquoise...that's all I need to show my wrist some love. Oh they have to be great for layering fun! I've had my eye on the watch from Greta Bean for a while, and the J Crew bracelets would be a perfect layering piece! The Kate Spade bangle would also pair really well with the gold jcrew bracelets. I want them all!

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Lauren's Pick


   Metallic Denim Bangles           Retro Leather Watch     Banned Books Bracelet

      $21 Hybrid Her                        $19.50 Etsy              $30 Carolyn Forsemen

To layer on the wrist goodies, I started with something simple-but with a touch of glitz. The denim on these metallic bracelets goes with everything, while the gold and silver makes them pop. Then I added on this retro leather watch, because while the bracelets are all party, the watch is strictly business. And finally for the biggest personality piece, I found this banned books bracelet, which shows off not only my unique sense of style, but my literary taste as well. Not only does my wrist look fantastic, but each of these pieces make for a fine representation of my busy weekend ahead!

Endless Amusement

Christina's Pick


                 Chain Bracelet, $26 ShopSosie Sparrow Cuff, $16 SaboSkirt  Fierce Affirmation Bracelet, $18 BCBG

Layering is a fashion trend that can be done with a flick of the wrist! I love collecting different bracelets of shape, color and texture to curate unique arm swag. Chains are my favorite accessory and I paired it with this really cute bird cuff. I'm a fan of affirmations and one of my all time favorites is staying fierce! I love looking down at my wrist for that little reminder. 

Street Swag

As we publish our latest Friday Favorites, I am thankful that my family and friends are all safe after Hurricane Sandy. Some were out of town on business when the storm hit and are heading home soon and others live above 39th and were not affected by the power outages.  My mom and stepdad are still without power which has lead them to go a little stir crazy more than anything else. They may break a world record on rounds of Gin Rummy. And it was a welcome surprise to invite friends for Halloween night who couldn't get back to NYC until yesterday. Candy and costumes were a great distraction from their travel pains.

Alison's Pick

MacAlister High Heel Ankle Boot, $158 J. Crew

Spotted these ankle boots on a salesperson at J. Crew while shopping with a private client. We were both instantly smitten. Both of us nabbed a pair. These work perfectly on my days off as a casual go-to pair of shoes that still give me some height without the painful effect of stilettos. In store they were on sale for $108 and an additional 30% off that day. Scout around, they're worth it!


Contributing Bloggers Picks

Lauren Scharf's Pick

Julie Wions' Stationary, $28 for a set Creations By Julie

With Thanksgiving and other family holidays coming up, I find myself growing more nostalgic and homesick each day. I love these note card sets from Creations by Julie because they spark a homey feeling in me and hopefully everyone I send them to. They're bright and colorful and each colored pencil drawing evokes a good ol' childhood memory, like baking cookies or proudly showing off my freshly packed snowman. In addition to the warm, ooey-gooey feeling I get from the pictures, a portion of each purchase goes toward the fight against Lou Gehrig's Disease, so you can send love to family, friends, and a good cause.

Endless Amusement

Christina Moffitino's Pick

BB Cream by Clinique,  Sephora

I was doubtful of the trendy beauty cream, but after a couple weeks of using it I've added it to my beauty regimen. If you're like me and always on the go, then going from three steps to only one helps save a lot of time. The BB creme is a primer, foundation, tinted moisturizer with SPF all in one! I've noticed my face is a lot more supple and has a great glow. Most beauty lines have picked up on this little secret. So you can get it at high-end beauty stores and convenient drug stores like CVS.

Street Swag

Christina Wright's Pick

Viv Striped Flats, J. Crew

I am slightly obsessed (probably over 20 articles of clothing obsessed) with stripes! It's like my habit with aqua, I'm just drawn to buy things that are striped or aqua...and I'm trying really hard to break the cycle. BUT, until then, I must have these adorable pointy toe navy stripe ballet flats from J. Crew! They would go perfect with just about anything. When I am working a wedding, ballet flats are my go-to shoes, so these would keep my feet stylish and comfortable. What more can a gal ask for?!

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Creating a Poolside Living Room

by Brian Patrick Flynn republished from Hayneedle.com

Poolside lounging: something I gave up in my mid-twenties after finding those strappy pool chaises more irritating than a nagging aunt. As I’d try to unwind and get my brain out of work mode, they’d instantly start digging in — first to my skin, then into my soul — until suddenly what was supposed to be fun, quickly turned into a battle of strap vs. skin. Keeping this in mind, I stuck with a “No Strappy Seating” rule when outfitting the poolside area of a Sherman Oaks, CA house as a cool, calm waterfront (well, that is if pool water counts as waterfront) living room for a young social couple. (That would be me & my husband.)

My team and I showed up, pulled out our designer bag of tricks, then went all California preppy on the space — using a Southampton-meets-Los-Angeles sectional rather than a strappy-naggy-aunt-ish lounger. Check it.


Thanks to the Royal Teak Miami Sectional, what was a lackluster space is now a rich, preppy poolside living room. Configured as a 6-seater L-shaped sectional, the modular teak mastermind allows the homeowners and their guests to lay out by the pool with just as much comfort and style as the home’s indoor spaces. The navy blue/white upholstery is indoor/outdoor so it’s durable and totally low-maintenance, and the frame is made of rich teak which is super heavy and sturdy. So when those damn Santa Ana winds come into town, this navy blue bad boy ain’t goin’ nowhere. To punch some prepster pizzazz into the space (she’s from NYC and well-versed in all things Southampton, and he’s sharply dressed in J.Crew), we added custom plaid and tartan pillows in an all American palette.


With a pool this fancy, we couldn’t just toss any old big box retail floats into it. Instead, we stuck with Splashnet Xpress Cool Wave Foam Swimming Pool Floats which have quilted, upholstered construction as well as an integrated head pillow.


Bucking the trend of poolside furniture which looks like, well, poolside furniture, we instead opted to go with the Immer Mid-Century Modern Style End Table-White with a powder-coated steel base and a marble top. Since most of the area is covered, it’s safe from the elements; however, should rain actually make its way to Los Angeles (for a few hours one day this summer), the table gets covered by a tarp. With the main level of the house one flight of stairs up, forgetting things like towels and drink ware once situated near the pool can be a major annoyance. That being said, towels and serving accessories are carried down and laid out in the Set of 2 Wood Iron Serving Trays.

For pattern with a multi-purpose twist, we used the Chooty & Co. Tidal Bay Square Tablecloth not only as an option for adding poolside picnic space on the floor in front of the sectional sofa, but also to double as extra cover-up for any bathing-suit-shy guests. Hanging on the arm, it totally looks like a throw blanket; however, it totally is not a throw blanket.

To add layers of life to the space, we brought in three Square Resin Wicker Vista Planters, then outfitted them with bushy greenery. In the event that any of the woven strands get nicked or come loose, replacement strands are also shipped along with the planters. So nice, right?

Thanks, Brian. We love relaxing by our pool.

Celebrity Style Expert Alison Deyette shows interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn three different ways to wear a suit.... along the way giving tips on what to look for when buying a suit, how to add color and personality to your selections and most important, how to spend the summer looking handsome, professional and classy.




J.Crew Ludlow suit, J. Crew jeans

Ties from Nordstrom Rack, J. Crew and Bonobos

Shirts from J. Crew, Nordstrom and Bonobos

Shoes fom Cole Haan

I loved the dress the moment I saw it in J. Crew. The bright Kool-Aid color was perfect without being a queasy pink or purple hue. I wore it to host a blogger event in Miami and received mulitple compliments and slipped it on again for a TV segment. But after just a few wearings, the silk fabric on the sleeves was pulling and my dress started taking a turn for the worse. DIY to the rescue! I knew there was a better life to be had as a sleeveless dress and with a few snips, scissor and thread my love for this dress was renewed. It now ranks in the top 10 of my summer dresses. What do you think of the "new" version of the dress?


BEFORE - Paired with gold braided belt and Jennifer Lopez platform sandals
AFTER - Paired with a Alexis Bittar ring, Vince Amuto cuff, vintage belt and Missoni heels

Share this double duty DIY.

Imagine sipping a glass of wine from Montepulciano, the aroma of fresh cooked pizza, Vespas speeding by almost taking your hat in the wind. Ahhh Italy, but suddenly you open your eyes and find yourself on Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles. Hey a girl can dream can't she?!

Travel to Italy this summer, if only by wardrobe, and live like the Italians. 

Think casual and comfortable yet stylish. Go with a dress fitted at the waist with a great wedge, big bangles and a stylish hat. Another option would be a bandeau top paired with patterened cigarette trousers and a strappy sandal. 

In your outfit, you should be able to hop on a Vespa at a moments notice. Style freely and carpe diem! I'm going to pour myself a second glass of wine and daydream about my pasts visits to Tuscany and Umbria.


  Pleated Skirt Dress, Mango.com $50

Floral Wedge, Steve Madden $130


Mixed Bangles Set, Nordstrom $20                 Bow Floppy Hat, Forever21 $11


Floral Print Cigarette Trouser, TopShop $72


        Seamless Bandeau Top, River Island $6         Leather Gladiator Sandals, Mango $25        

Two-Tone Straw Hat, JCrew $38


Raffia Carryall Bag, ShopBop.com $105


Sync your personality and shape with a new swimsuit for summer.

Swimwear shopping carries a four out of five on my anxiety scale. Nearly naked in a dressing room, bad lighting that highlights my cellulite and a perky salesperson who inquires about sizes.  When it comes to swimwear I have multiple personalities as I try to connect a bathing suit to an image of sweet and flirty, subtle and sexy or sophisticated and smart.  Perhaps that’s too many requirements to place on a small item that first and foremost needs to make my body look good from the butt upwards.  And even then it needs to work for me—I don’t want my breasts to look too small or flattened, I want my legs to look long and slender and my butt to be lifted.  Additionally, I don’t want to fidgit with the fit and be tugging or pulling to stay covered, no thong or boy short bottoms for me. Exposing my thighs gives me enough angst so my bathing suit needs to draw the attention upwards.

So, I skip the dressing room and now order multiple styles online to try in the privacy of my own home.

If you're like me and dread swimwear shopping, we’ve got some tips to help you find the right style for your body. The most important tip is to remember that you are aiming for a balanced silhouette.

Just add Havianas and water.

My Bathing Suit Pick

Off the Shoulder Suit, JCrew $120

I received four compliments (Yes, four compliments!) from gal pals at a recent pool party. I was so psyched to receive kudos from other women I immediately ordered this suit in another color just in case J. Crew decided not to keep this in stock. It's ideal for covering up any little flaws-gives the illusion of a flat tummy, good support for an A-C cup and flattering on the bottom half.

Truly chic!

Big Bust

You may need some extra support; under wire tops, formed cups and wider bands under the bust line can work well and look great.

Avoid strapless bandeau tops and those tiny, triangle tops that offer minimal coverage.

Halter-top bikinis offer support, while providing some great cleavage too. Look for styles that are banded under the bust line and can be tied in back and around the neck to make adjustments.

Look for one-piece swimsuits with some structure in the bust, such as soft foam cups or a shelf bra.

Tie Back One Piece, Alloy.com $25

   Sweetheart Tankini & String Side Bottom, Alloy.com $35


Small Bust

Look for tops with a touch of padding, or an under wire, demi-bra style that makes the most of adding to your small bust line.

You have the body to wear cute, ruffled tops that are hot right now, triangle tops plus bandeau tops are easy to wear as well.

Avoid tops with too much fabric or have a poor fit.

          BLEU Bright Young Things Bikini Underwire Bikini, Swimwearforme.com, $134


     Underwire Bandeau Top & hipster, Alloy.com $23  


No Waist

If you don't have many curves, choose a swimsuit that has a belted waist to create one.  Or choose a one-piece suit with a high-on-the-thigh cut. The cut-out one piece swimsuits instantly create a few curves at the waist and hips without adding “weight.”

Bikinis are also good for you. Add some details at the hips with rings, ruffles and bows.


   Side Tie Cut Out One Piece, Alloy.com $25  


Surplice Blouson Swimsuit, swimwearforme.com $120


Big on Bottom

A mini-skirted bikini bottom is made just for you!  Skip the super frilly ones.  Choose a skimming, smooth skirt that covers just what you need too.

Opt for a bikini bottom that has slightly wider sides, skip the string side tie versions that only draw unwanted attention. To balance your proportions choose a solid bottom and a patterned top. It will draw the eyes upward.

Play up your top-side to de-emphasize your bottom.

Avoid boy shorts, skimpy bottoms, or lots of ruffles and details at the hips.

Diner Dot Halter& Bottom, Alloy.com $70  


      Bandeau Skirted Bikini, Swimwearforme.com $130


Plus Size Figure

Look for one-piece swimsuits with lace or mesh inserts. Showing a little skin in the right places can be sexy.  A well placed cut-out or a deep v neckline can be a flattering visual.

Lengthen your thigh with swimsuits that have a high cut leg or adjustable ruching detail at the hip. 

Avoid too much fabric and boy short styles. Stay away from white, as well as bright fabrics.

Robby Dots Side Tie, Swimwearforme.com $80

                    Bandeau Halter Swim Dress, Swimsuitsforall.com $70


Too Much Tummy

If you are self-conscious about a less than flat tummy try one of those swimsuits with a little extra Lycra woven into the tummy area; they work wonders. A one-piece with some draping around the waist or hips can also help to conceal a “muffin” top.

If you’re going for a two-piece swimsuit, then opt for a tankini where top and bottom meet at the waist. They cover just enough, but you still have the freedom and hip factor of a bikini.

Avoid teeny bikinis.

   Sweetheart Tankini &bottoms, Alloy.com $30  

      Peekaboo Bikini Top& Bottom, Swimspot.com $150




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Animal Print top from Robbi & Nikki available at TJMaxx Capris from J.Crew Gold studded pink patent heels from Stuart Weitzman Earrings from Alexis Bittar

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