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Banish the Bra Blues

The claim is that 70% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, but it’s not necessarily about the size as it is about the fit.  Most women want to avoid sagging and digging and find a bra with support and a great shape.

We helped two women with common bra problems and found them the right fitting bra.


Brooke has a drawer full of bras in multiple sizes from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy and then breastfeeding and she’s at a point she’s just not sure what size she wears. She was wearing a bra with no support, her breasts were drooping and sagging.

I put her into a bra that gave coverage, support and a smooth fit.

Bali One Smooth U Side Support, $36 (Available at Macy’s, Kohl’s & JCPenney)

  • Full coverage foam cups for a smooth look under clothes
  • Lace detail for added side support
  • Seamless, stay in place Comfort-U™ Design keeps back and straps in place
  • Smooth under clothes
  • Great for wearing underneath fall sweaters, clingy fabrics


Kim has been a fan of Cardio Barre and excited to see the changes in her body shape, except that she’s realized her bras don’t fit well anymore. She told me she was down to two bras she thought worked. This is one of them. She was misinformed.

Kim wanted a little lift and cleavage. We succeeded.

Barely There Invisible Look Balconette, $35 (Available at Kohl’s)

  • Smooth look under clothes
  • Updated, modern silhouette
  • Smooth, line-free look
  • Flexible frame and light lift cups
  • Light lift cups for great shape

(From left to right)

Bali Comfort Revolution with Smart Sizes, $34

Super comfortable bra that offers targeted support. This bra can be worn anywhere, anytime and I’m a fan of these styles when I take yoga and Pilates classes and under casual clothes. And they make it super simple to shop with sizes S-XL.

Wonderbra Lace Back Front Closure, $31

This bra is an attention thief.  It’s a cleavage enhancer.

Playtex Secrets Plunge Lift Underwire, $35 (Available at Kohl’s)

Playtex is a well-known brand that women have loved for support and comfort and NOW they’ve become super stylish with contemporary designs in bold colors and prints to appeal to anyone who wants a more youthful look.

Wardrobe and Shopping Tips

* Get sized once a year-since your breast size can fluctuate due to weight loss/gain, pregnancy, age/gravity, etc.

*The most common styles you’ll wear during the week are nude and black smooth style bras. It also good to have a convertible bra to wear with various outfits and if you’re small breasted a push–up style can flatter your figure.  And of course you want a few lacy, colorful options. Tip-skip white bras under white tops. Go for bras that are closest to your skin tone.

*Different bra styles and bra brands may fit differently, just like jeans, so be willing to try on a variety of styles from different retailers to find the right fit.

Keep your bras in shape:

*Clasp the back of bras together and put into a lingerie bag in the delicate or hand wash setting of a washing machine. They’re less likely to tangle.

*Do not put in them in the dryer (the heat of the dryer will break down the elasticity and shape of the bra).

*Lay flat in drawers-stacked on top of each other so they keep their shape.


In today's episode of "A Secret Worth Sharing", I answer, once and for all, the age old question of how to find your bra size. The wrong bra size and style can ruin any outfit! Here are the easiest ways to make sure you've got the right fit that will help you look and feel great!
In today's episode of "A Secret Worth Sharing", I share my ultimate bra secret for making even the toughest looks work - the convertible bra. Unruly bra straps are no longer a fashion faux paus!
"Melanie, Elizabeth and Alison"

Check it out!!  A pair of sisters, Melanie and Elizebeth, get a new fit and a new look in the newest episodes of my Playtex Bra Makeover series!

Melanie's sick of spillage and digging straps, but she doesn't know what to do! She wants to know that beauty doesn't have to mean a painful fit and hopes to find the look she wants with the coverage she needs. Her sister, Elizebeth, needs to retire her bras because her underwire woes are out of control!  She's sick of bras that poke, ride up and dig, and wants to make sure her wedding day is pain-free.

I'm going to rescue them from their bad bra fit and discomfort and show them that with Playtex you can look good and feel great!

See all the makeovers and much more at!

Ladies, get "the girls" the best bra support

Last week I had the opportunity to meet eight fabulous women in NYC who were lacking support, and by that I mean that their breasts were drooping.  Those girls and their "girls" needed a lift.  They were among the many thousands who entered a contest - announced on ABC's The View - to be flown to NYC for three days, receive an on-camera makeover from me and star in their very own webisode that would air throughout the year as part of the PlaytexBraMakeover series. This year, I insisted that we kick it up a notch, and besides giving our ladies a well-needed lift in the boob department with new bras, I wanted to give the ladies a stylish new head-to-toe look. Let's face it, once your breasts are in the right place, your clothes will instantly fit better and look better on your body. I fell for these ladies hook, line and sinker. They came as duos - mother/daughter, sisters and best friends. In less than 72 hours we gals shared laughter and swapped plenty of stories of boobydom, boyfriends, husbands and our best gal pals.  Whether we call them girls, puppies, melons, kiddies, boobies, too big or barely there, it's true... we all have a story to share. Thank you all for sharing your breast stories with me and letting me reshape your look with some bra and girlfriend support, along with new outfits to help you proudly stand tall and at attention. And to cap off a return back to LA, I received these lovely thank you notes from two of the gals, Tuesday & Toniann. Alison, Since I have been back in Virginia all I can do is think about where I was this time last week. It was in wonderful New York City enjoying time on the set with people like yourself, and the rest of the gang who worked on the Playtex Bra Makeover! I can't tell you how it has changed me.  I wish I could've  put it in words when I was there but I froze up.  Anyway here is what I should have said when they asked me "What do you think about Alison": I think the world of Alison because she has changed my world.  It is a wonderful feeling to look down and see my breasts standing up at attention versus sagging below my belt line!  I am so happy with the way my new Playtex 18 hr bra feels.  I would have to say for a woman who is beautiful outside she is also beautiful inside. My experience in New York is one that I will forever remember and be proud of.  I just hope the pictures reflect what I was feeling - like a queen!!  Thank you Alison and if you are ever in Virginia Beach - please look me up! Have a blessed week! Tuesday Aka "Boobsday" Alison, It was so wonderful meeting you last week! Thank you so much for the fabulous time we had and all the great fashion tips you gave us! We will never forget our time in NYC with you and the wonderful people involved with our makeover! We cannot wait to see the finished project! Thanks again! Toniann
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