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Banish the Bra Blues

The claim is that 70% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, but it’s not necessarily about the size as it is about the fit.  Most women want to avoid sagging and digging and find a bra with support and a great shape.

We helped two women with common bra problems and found them the right fitting bra.


Brooke has a drawer full of bras in multiple sizes from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy and then breastfeeding and she’s at a point she’s just not sure what size she wears. She was wearing a bra with no support, her breasts were drooping and sagging.

I put her into a bra that gave coverage, support and a smooth fit.

Bali One Smooth U Side Support, $36 (Available at Macy’s, Kohl’s & JCPenney)

  • Full coverage foam cups for a smooth look under clothes
  • Lace detail for added side support
  • Seamless, stay in place Comfort-U™ Design keeps back and straps in place
  • Smooth under clothes
  • Great for wearing underneath fall sweaters, clingy fabrics


Kim has been a fan of Cardio Barre and excited to see the changes in her body shape, except that she’s realized her bras don’t fit well anymore. She told me she was down to two bras she thought worked. This is one of them. She was misinformed.

Kim wanted a little lift and cleavage. We succeeded.

Barely There Invisible Look Balconette, $35 (Available at Kohl’s)

  • Smooth look under clothes
  • Updated, modern silhouette
  • Smooth, line-free look
  • Flexible frame and light lift cups
  • Light lift cups for great shape

(From left to right)

Bali Comfort Revolution with Smart Sizes, $34

Super comfortable bra that offers targeted support. This bra can be worn anywhere, anytime and I’m a fan of these styles when I take yoga and Pilates classes and under casual clothes. And they make it super simple to shop with sizes S-XL.

Wonderbra Lace Back Front Closure, $31

This bra is an attention thief.  It’s a cleavage enhancer.

Playtex Secrets Plunge Lift Underwire, $35 (Available at Kohl’s)

Playtex is a well-known brand that women have loved for support and comfort and NOW they’ve become super stylish with contemporary designs in bold colors and prints to appeal to anyone who wants a more youthful look.

Wardrobe and Shopping Tips

* Get sized once a year-since your breast size can fluctuate due to weight loss/gain, pregnancy, age/gravity, etc.

*The most common styles you’ll wear during the week are nude and black smooth style bras. It also good to have a convertible bra to wear with various outfits and if you’re small breasted a push–up style can flatter your figure.  And of course you want a few lacy, colorful options. Tip-skip white bras under white tops. Go for bras that are closest to your skin tone.

*Different bra styles and bra brands may fit differently, just like jeans, so be willing to try on a variety of styles from different retailers to find the right fit.

Keep your bras in shape:

*Clasp the back of bras together and put into a lingerie bag in the delicate or hand wash setting of a washing machine. They’re less likely to tangle.

*Do not put in them in the dryer (the heat of the dryer will break down the elasticity and shape of the bra).

*Lay flat in drawers-stacked on top of each other so they keep their shape.


Celebrity Style Expert Alison Deyette shows interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn three different ways to wear a suit.... along the way giving tips on what to look for when buying a suit, how to add color and personality to your selections and most important, how to spend the summer looking handsome, professional and classy.




J.Crew Ludlow suit, J. Crew jeans

Ties from Nordstrom Rack, J. Crew and Bonobos

Shirts from J. Crew, Nordstrom and Bonobos

Shoes fom Cole Haan

Friday Favorites - August 3

It's August already! Where has the summer gone!? As I look out the my big picture window in my office overlooking my pool, I wonder what happened to the idea that I'd be spending mornings swimming laps and evenings with a wine glass in hand chillin' in the spa. In reality, I've just enjoyed the pool on weekends. Work always seems to take precedence. August also means more humidity (ick!) and planning Fall TV segments to style and produce. But while Fall is lovely, I will cling to my sandals as long as I can.

So before you fully succumb to the weekend, ponder our Friday Favorites with our best suggestions for creating wavy hair, shopping for an Olympics souvenir, cool Air Mail travel accessories, a must have neutral bag and a blazer in the top color trend for Fall.

Alison's Pick



Goody Heat Wave Creator, $26.99 from Amazon

I have naturally wavy hair that's usually a 50/50 split between Sarah Jessica Parker on a good day and a bird's nest any other day. I have A LOT of hair and have daily day dreams of being bestowed with the power of snapping my fingers and "shazam" my hair is instantly dry and styled.  I blow dry in sections to get it as straight as possible, thank you Super Solano hair dryer, and then use a curling iron to create soft curls whether I'm going on TV or just out to dinner. I was recently set up with the Goody Wave Creator. I say set up since I now consider it to be my new hair styling companion-we're a perfect match. Get yourself one!

Lauren's Pick

Mulberry's London Bus Key Ring, $210

These Olympics have me going for the gold! While there's no event for sitting on my couch and blogging, that doesn't mean I can't accessorize for the occasion. This Mulberry keyring is one of three London-themed designs (the others are a London phone booth and a mailbox with a love letter decal). So what if I can't go to London and bling myself out like Michael Phelps; with this winning keychain, a girl can dream!

endless amusement

Christina Wright's Pick


Air Mail Passport Cover and Luggage Tags, approx.$29 US Cloth Ears

With vacation on the brain, I have been on the hunt for a cool passport case for my little baby boy james. I wanted something that didn't look like Toys R Us exploded all over it...after all he is a hip little jetsetter. I stumbled across this air mail style passport, and it's perfect!! Love that it's leatherette, so it's more durable. Also the graphics are fun travel inspired images, which he will love as he gets older! Bonus is, it comes with a matching luggage tag, so he is stylishly coordinated in his travel accessories!

Simply Modern Weddings Blog

Christina Moffitino's Pick

H & M plum blazer, $40 H&M

This fall it's all about the dark purples: plum, burgundy, maroon. With the temperatures still in the 90s here in LA, some may think it's a bit early to be thinking about a buying blazer right now. Think not! Right now is actually the perfect time to invest in this burgundy blazer because the trend is just emerging. Blazers (in the right color and fit) are the perfect piece of outerwear to dress up any outfit. Pair it with a dress and heels for a night out with the girls. Perhaps some fitted jeans, a tank top and your favorite flats for a casual but presentable day of shopping. This piece can be paired with almost anything and in this great burgundy color, you can't wait for the leaves to change color to fall into the trend.

Street Swag

Cindy's Pick

Kate Spade Cobble Hill Andee Bag, $428 from Amazon

I love the neutral color of this bag and the fact it can hold everything- my giant makeup bag, wallet, pens, phone and charger, a notebook, hand lotion, and more. The bigger the bag, the better. And this one is so stylish. It would look good with jeans or a dress, boots or  heels. I like it. I want it!

Hello Dollface

I’m a big fan of vintage shopping and antiquing and had been making plans to shop the famed Rose Bowl in Pasadena for months when lo and behold my hair stylist friend extraordinaire, Theodore Leaf  ( and I learned that Eddie Ross ( was coming to town to lead a group through the masses of flea market finds.  We were both fans of Eddie’s work on Bravo’s Top Design and I’m always a fan of a preppy guy. So we signed up for the “walk along.”  There were about 15 of us and with coffee in hand and my tote bag empty and ready to fill with negotiated bargains we headed off into the rows of booths and tables filled with silverware, glassware, fabrics, knick-knacks and furniture.  Eddie would stop at a variety of outdoor booths and give the lo down on how to re-do furniture to update it, give advice on how to determine the worth of an object and what’s good stuff from the “trash.”  Let’s be honest it shouldn’t all be someone’s trash is another’s treasure, some of it is just junk.  Theodore, his boyfriend Matt and I had so much fun—how could we not?  A warm, sunny day, Eddie and his main man Jaithan to escort us through the finds of The Rose Bowl plus he gave us some nifty ideas on hostess gifts and table settings. It was a relaxed atmosphere and we met many other gals and guys to socialize with along the way. Eddie suggested and Theodore literally translated into a hostess gift a small jar of olives with the antique fork and personalized ribbon for me the next time he came to dinner. I added my version of a spoon with a colorful ribbon and lavendar honey. Anything can work just by taking antique silverware and pair with cheese, olives, jam, or chocolate sauce and tie with a ribbon and small note. I took his suggestions and created my own small, but charming gifts for my next dinner outings at friends’ homes. Besides, silverware and vintage cloth napkins I also bargained for this camel saddle (walked away only paying $25) that with new leather became a cool footrest in my living room.
Here's the video from my latest appearance on ABC's The View, showing Sherri and Elisabeth how to get amazing designer looks for less at T.J.Maxx and Marshall's!  What a fantastic time, and the four girlfriends we dressed were super terrific.  I love The View, and I love me some T.J.Maxx and Marshall's!!
Great gift ideas for the men in your life, from Father's Day ideas to cool choices for the boys, all presented by me on AOL's Go to my TV & Videos page for this, and tons of other great gift ideas for men AND women!

Vacation is just a few days away and you don't need every lip gloss or eye shadow on your trip nor do you need five necklaces. Time to edit your selections down to tinted moisturizer, a pinky gloss and a black masacara plus a chunky necklace, two simple necklaces with charms to layer, a bold cuff and dangly earrings. Put yourself in a happy-go-lucky mood and pack them in Trina's Morrocco collection.  The jewelry roll has multiple pockets so the jewelry doesn't get tangled. Find them at Nordstrom.

Pillows are the added value to our home decor. Bright pops of color, over sized and comfy or a way to help define out style in a room.  I have been know to fall in love with a pillow and travel six hours on a plane to get it home safe and sound to place on one of my couches. With the multitude of online sites, I spend a little "me time" perusing various designs and calculating my next purchase based on how long have the other pillows been on my couch and how long will they last after my dogs take their hundredth nap on them. My latest pillow finds are dramatically different from one another. One is quirky while the other is dramatic.  I don't see them becoming couch buddies, but I do see one as a gift for a friend and the other pure whimsy to create like characters of my family. While the Kleins' Studio would have a hard time fitting the Duggar family on a pillow the rest of us can have fun immortalizing our whole brood on a pillow by logging onto Select from a cast of characters that best resemble your husband, your kids, even your pets plus choose fabric and stitch color. All the pillows are hand embroidered and they use 100% organically grown hemp and cotton.  Prices start at $134. For the modern girl with a white leather couch, these pillows add the right pop. Lisa Pearl's mission is world domination through edgy couture home accessories. She says she is seduced by the female face which is the main focus in her pillows. She prints her original photography onto the pillows and designs with the intent to be anti-trendy.  She is flattered that her work is owned by a pop princess, a hotel princess and a bona-fide royal princess. Her pillows start at $220.  Go to
Save time shopping by "bracketing"-take an item a size smaller and higher into the dressing room with you.
Q. Do tight clothes make you look thin or are baggy clothes better? Alison: Avoid baggy and tight—neither is appealing. Wear clothes that fit your shape and size. Baggy looks sloppy and doesn’t define a shape of the body. Tight clothes will only show off any bulges or flaws. Every designer cuts differently. There is no universal size or cut of clothing. And with the creation of vanity sizing where designers/retailers will cut larger yet put a smaller size on the label means you have to try the clothes on whenever you shop. Shopping should not be a chore. When you have the right skills, shopping can be uplifting and confidence building and needn’t take hours to accomplish a task. Spend time trying on clothes from a variety of designer or retailers with prices that fit your budget. When you find the right fit and a variety of choices that fit your lifestyle, make those retailer the initial go-to on your list when you need to replenish pieces in your wardrobe or need something new. Shop the inexpensive shops like Forever 21 and H &M when you want to try out a trend. These shops offer “disposable” fashion at a low price. Spend more money on the classics that should last in your closet for years and keep the trends for under $100. When you spend money on quality pieces think in terms of the cost per wear ratio—the price comes down the more often you wear and longer you have the item in your wardrobe.
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