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Craft and work station, a tiny indoor forest and faux taxidermy. We're all over the place this week for our Friday Favorites, but we're certainly amusing and you've been telling us that you love our choices. We aim to please!

Alison's Pick

Redwood Forest Growing Kit, Overstock $48.49

Serenity now. I'm missing a green thumb so while I find joy in the thought of growing my own indoor forest and using the adorable scissors to trim it's lush greenery that couldn't house a hobbit; in truth I'd probably kill it. But as a gift this item is top notch and it comes in a steel box with blue ribbon so no wrapping required.

Christina Moffitino's Pick

Metallic Bark Pillar Candles, $23 Pottery Barn

Creating a winter world in your home is as easy as dimming the lights and sparking a candle. I'm really getting ready for the winter season by investing in chic holiday decor. They're perfect for holidays and still stylish enough to keep by bedside all year long. These candles create the atmosphere to pour yourself a cup of cocoa and relax to some  good ol' Christmas music. 

Street Swag

Lauren's Pick

Murphey Wall Mount Craft Desk, $140 Overstock

If you're like me and you have a passion for the crafts and/or you're trying to save a few pennies for the holidays by doing handmade gifts, then your room is probably a MESS! This murphy craft desk is a huge space saver and keeps all my artsy knickknacks all in one place. I use it for sewing, scrapbooking, stationary, jewelry, or sometimes just writing. It's the perfect gift for DIY-ers and crafty kids in the dorms. 

Endless Amusement

Christina Wright's Pick

White and Turquoise Deer Head, $110 Etsy

I need to find a way to convince my husband that we must have this faux taxidermy deer on our wall!! I am building a collage of frames in the living room, and this would be a perfect accent piece to add a bit of whimsy to the room. It's my favorite color too! Modern taxidermy, without actually killing animals...I like it!

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