Best Pool Party Ideas

Let’s keep summer festive and fun!  Time for the best pool party ideas to make a big splash this summer.   Best Pool Party Ideas To Make A Big Splash Food for Party Summer doesn’t always mean you have to serve the usual burgers and hot dogs. Kick it up a notch with ribs, delicious dips and [...]

Easy Dinner Recipe: Fruit for Dinner

Easy Dinner Recipe: Fruit for Dinner
With summer in full swing and so many juicy fruits in season try an easy dinner recipe: fruit for dinner! I love prosciutto and melon so much that when I visit Italy it’s my daily order along with pasta. I wanted to add a little twist and that’s where the honey and burrata come in. Mix [...]

The Good Cards Spread Kindness Through Good Deeds

happiness in your hands
Announcing a game that will make you happy! The Good Cards spread kindness through good deeds. The founder of Better World International found a way to gamify kindness with an innovative pairing of an app, a simple biodegradable trackable card and missions that help friends and strangers, guaranteeing you and them a good feeling. Your [...]

Glamping In The Great Outdoors

Glamping In The Great Outdoors
Whether you choose to go camping or choose a little style and luxury glamping in the great outdoors there are plenty of cool new items to shop for whether you set up in your backyard or pack the car for a destination. There are sleeping bags that will help heal sore muscles after a hike [...]

Speed And Agility Ladder Drills Workout

Speed And Agility Ladder Drills Workout
Time for speed and agility ladder drills workout to help improve coordination, speed, and power. Doing it in the sand definitely takes it up a notch, but it can be done in your own home or outdoors. You can also make your own “ladder” with some tape or chalk. Get creative and go as fast [...]

Super Easy DIY Floral Centerpiece

With warm weather finally here my mind turns to hosting more parties. Here’s how to create a super easy DIY floral centerpiece for parties that doubles as a gift for guests. I made these DIY centerpieces with mason jars, plantable flowers, ribbon and a little bonus of seed packets which can all can be assembled in [...]

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